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How to Celebrate World Rat Day Without Rats

Rats!  Not everyone is a fan of them, in spite of them having their own special holiday, World Rat Day, but you can cleverly give a nod to the little rodent with these ideas that take “rat” to a different level.

Start Your World Rat Day Off Right


Show someone you care about rats by making a healthy and nutritious breakfast of one of their favorites, eggs, using the Cluck Yolk Separator, $7.95.

What do rats love?  Eggs.  And chickens.  So to honor them, begin your morning with a delicious egg made all the healthier for the Cluck Yolk Sepa”rat”or.  Really. You will be glad you did.

Set The Scene for Your Celebration of All Things “Rat”


The Rattan Balls String Lites, with its ten mini-lights will keep the conversation illuminating, $23.95.

These lovely spheres will add a bit of magic to your evening, whether you are celebrating World Rat Day or not.  The “Rat”tan Balls String Lites will brighten up just about anywhere and add some really cool shadows, too.

No ARRRRGGGGHHH-ument Here About Raising a Glass


If you don’t like rats, perhaps you can have some cheese and then “wine” about them using this Pirate Bottle Opener, $14.95.

Is there a better way to celebrate World Rat Day than with your favorite Merlot popped open with a Pi”rat”e Bottle Opener.  Seriously, can you think of a better excuse?  Probably not today, at any rate.  Or is that “rat”e.

All This Rat Talk Means You Need Some Air

Get the most bang out of that buck you spent on your favorite bottle of wine with the VinOair Wine Aerator – Nicholas, $16.95.

Now that you have that bottle open, why not kick things up just a notch with this VinOair Wine Ae”rat”or – Nicholas.  The clever dual oxygen chamber can pull twice the vacuum over, say, your average aerator.  Seems like yet another reason to celebrate World Rat Day, doesn’t it?

And Did Someone Say “Cheese?”



G”rat”e, “rat”tle, and roll with the Peckorino Birdie Cheese Grater, $14.95.

And speaking of cheese, what nicer way to think about your rodent friends that by using the fabulous Peckorino Birdie Cheese G”rat”er.  Impress your friends, or whoever you happen to invite over, with this slick little device that is sure to get the attention of any rats…um…friends you have.

No Need To Let The Adults Have All The Fun On World Rat Day


Let the World Rat Day party begin with this Spraycan Baby Rattle, $8.95.

Get your little one something special with the Spraycan Baby “Rat”tle.  Sure to provide hours of fun and the noise will help to keep extraneous rodents away, unless, of course, you have sent them invitations.  And the baby won’t care what day it is, as long as he can make a racket.  Oh, what joy!

While this may not be the most traditional way to celebrate World Rat Day, it also stands as a reminder that vermin can be just about anywhere if you look carefully…especially whenever you celeb”rat”e.




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