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Get Your Goosefeathers Ready! It’s International Pillow Fight Day!

Remember when you were a kid and used to go to slumber parties and knock the crap out of one another with a good, old-fashioned pillow fight?  And remember how when you were in college and you would knock the crap out of your roommate to keep him awake while cramming for exams with a pillow to the head?  And remember how just last week you were wishing there was a international holiday that would celebrate pillow fighting and give you an excuse to knock the crap out of your business associates on that pretense?  Well, this must be your lucky day.  International Pillow Fight Day is so close you can almost taste the batting. Or foam.  Or feathers.  Get yourself ready for April 2nd and game on.

Bitty Bear Makes for Stealthy Attacks


Let’s the “ah that’s so cute,” to “oh, man, what was that for,” with ease using the Zip & Flip Bear, $25.00

Keep one of these little bears at the ready and no one will see you coming.  Tuck it under your arm and at one fell swoop unzip, flip, and be ready for action.  Granted, it is an airplane pillow, but no one will ever suspect you are so well prepared.  Of course, if you happen to be on a flight, we recommend you use caution and refrain from participating in the celebration until safely having exited the airport.  Regardless, the Zip & Flip Bear will be sure to deliver.

How to Use a VHS Tape to Your Advantage


Take it right back to the days of the tape getting eaten in the VCR and struggling to get it untwisted so you could see the end of the flick with the VHS Tape Retro 3D Pillow, $33.81.

Bring back those nights of pillow fights and movie nights with this VHS Tape Retro 3D Pillow. All you need is a little popcorn to toss around and some laminated furniture and you are ready to go.  Just make sure you move that furniture out of the way.  Remember, its only plywood.  

Donut You Want to Play?


Cute, sweet, and packs a powder-ful punch, the Yummy World Pink Donut is a must have, $49.99.

What could be more fun that hitting someone you love with a giant donut.  Nothing!  So here’s your chance to spread a little sugar their way with the Yummy World Pink Donut.  It will be sprinkles of laughter and that will simply be the icing on the…donut.

For the Really Serious Pillow Fight Contender, Try Weaponry


Be the ultimate pillow fight warrior with Pillow Fight Weapons, $40.00.

Yes, nothing will give that ultimate competitor the edge like Pillow Fight Weapons.  Knock ’em in the noodle with a nunchuk.  Stick it to ’em with a star. Bang ’em with a battleaxe.  Sock ’em with a sword.  How much more fun could you have?

Give Them a Scare and Then Slap Them Upside the Head


The Novel Blood Puddle Pillow is the perfect way to end National Pillow Fight Day with a bang, $12.00.

You’ve been playing and fighting hard all day and just really need to take a break…or scare your friends and get a laugh out of it.  Either way, this Novel Blood Puddle Pillow is a sure fire way to get some attention.  And perhaps a nap after the event.


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