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5 Colorful Ways To Celebrate Find A Rainbow Day

April 3rd is one day of the year that you’ll be excited if it rains. Find A Rainbow Day invites you to head outdoors and look up at the sky and try and spot this colorful phenomenon for yourself. However, if it doesn’t happen to rain, you can still celebrate by making your own colorful creations in honor of this rainbow-filled day.

Rainbow Jello Mold


rainbow jelly mold

You and your kids will love making this tasty yet colorful treat inspired by this special day. Designed in that classically recognized arc, the Rainbow Jelly Mold not only will give your desserts some rainbow shape, but if you’re feeling really creative, you can mix different colors so that they resemble the various hues found in a rainbow.

Magnetic Rainbow Photo Frame


Instead of capturing a picture of a rainbow, how about a rainbow frame capturing your pictures instead? The Magnetic Rainbow Photo Frame is a felt frame with a metal body stand that provides you with 9 colorful circles to put your favorite photos in.

Spectrum Ballpoint Pen

What better way to write about your findings and celebrating on this day than with a pen designed in the same prism of colors? The Spectrum Ballpoint Pen covers the entire range of the rainbow, and will be a fun and colorful accessory just in time for Find A Rainbow Day.

Solar Powered Rainbow Maker

solar window rainbow maker


If you can’t find a rainbow today, why not just make one of your own? The Solar Powered Rainbow Maker simply hangs in your window throughout the day, gathering and storing energy, so when the sun hits it, the Swarovski Crystal twirls in the light, giving off beautiful bands of colors that’ll make your room into a magical wonderland of rainbows.

5 in 1 Rainbow USB Charger

rainbow 5 in 1 universal charger


Bring some color to your electronic-filled world on Find A Rainbow Day with the 5 in 1 Rainbow USB Charger. You’ll be amazed to discover that this vibrant set of wires is actually capable of charging 5 different devices from just one colorful cord.

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