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The Joke’s On You For April Fool’s Day With These 5 Products

Let the jokes begin on this fun-filled day that is entirely devoted to the tradition of pranks, trickery, and hoaxes. April Fool’s Day comes but once a year on April 1st and you can either be the one committing the jokes or be the one to fall victim to someone else’s prank. With these 5 products, you’re invited to have some fun on this day and spread the foolish cheer and humor with everyone you know.

Secret Toilet

Bring some bathroom humor to your April Fool’s Day pranks with the Secret Toilet. This tiny toilet holds a special secret. When your unsuspecting victim lifts the lid, they’ll be greeted with a nice spray of water that’ll just make their day that much funnier…and wetter.

Talking Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Keep that toilet humor going with the Talking Toilet Paper Roll Holder. You’ll give your bathroom users quite the surprise when they pull a piece of toilet paper off this roller only to hear a voice speaking to them. You can record your own 6-second message or choose from the pre-set list of jokes. Your bathroom will never be the same.

Infrared Remote Control Snake

Get that prankster side of you ready when you set loose this Infrared Remote Control Snake and you’ll be sure to trick people on April Fool’s Day. This creepy reptile practically looks like the real thing when it moves its tail and flicks its tongue as you control it with the remote.

Shadow of the Duck Shower Curtain

Imagine going to take a shower on April Fool’s Day and when you head into the bathroom, you see this giant silhouette of a duck in your shower or tub. The Shadow of the Duck Shower Curtain may change how you ever view the rubber ducky again, but hopefully whoever you pick to trick has a sense of humor and will appreciate this fun bathroom prank.

Lunch Bugs Sandwich Bag

You may lose your appetite over this prank thanks to the Lunch Bugs Sandwich Bags. Nothing will freak out your friends more on April Fool’s Day than putting your sandwich in one of these bags that have a huge insect printed on the side. They’ll be creeped out and you’ll be laughing all the way through lunch.

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