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When Is The Last Time You Appreciated A Manatee?

Manatee Appreciation Day is the last Wednesday in March, so it is clearly time for you to get your Mana-T-shirt on and let the appreciating begin.  These amazing creatures are not only adorable, they are a threatened species, which means we need to get the word out to help keep them protected for generations to come.

Get That Zen-Feeling With Your Manatea Every Morning  

mantee infuser

Better than dunking a doughnut, and certainly better for you, is the hot beverage-focused Manatea Infuser, $9.95.

Start your day with the awww’s that refreshes with the Manatea  Infuser.  This cute little guy looking up at you in the dawn’s early light will get your morning going in a way that only a manatee can.  Just hot water to your tea-filled infuser and just “sea” what happens to the rest of your day.

Stick it to Them

manatee pin

Be all artsy-fartsy while showing you care with the Artistic Manatee Lapel Pin, $14.00.

You can campaign for your favorite sealife in a subtle, yet clever, manner proudly displaying the Artistic Manatee Lapel Pin on you, duh, lapel, scarf, handbag, collar, or any other novel locations where someone might ask you, “Hey, what’s that?” and leaving the door wide open for you to talk about your beloved manatees.  Sounds like the perfect conversation starter, doesn’t it?

Who Doesn’t Have Time for a Good Story?

mantee book

Curl up with a sweet manatee and the story of J. Rooker, Manatee, $11.95.

Gather the kids around for the true story of J. Rooker, Manatee, about a manatee who was rescued, rehabilitated, then sent back out into his watery world.  Storytime has never been more fun or filled with such beautiful illustrations.  It’s an a-manatee-ing tale to share and remember.

Rest Assured Everyone Will Know You Love Manatees

mantee pjs

Top to bottom you can show your love of manatees with Pajama T-Shirt and Boxer Shorts Set, $29.00.

You’ll be all set for your next sleepover with the Pajama T-Shirt and Boxer Shorts Set. You won’t need to be a mana-tease wearing this ensemble with manatees here, there, and everywhere.  You can feel safe and secure knowing anyone in your proximity will have no question as to what side of the sealife fence you fall. And because manatees are so cute, it will make you all the more cuter!

Make Sure You Have Someone to Cuddle With

mantee plush

Filbert the Manatee Plush Toy is as nutty as they come.  Really cute, too, $15.95.

And when it is time to snuggle down at night, why not do it with your mammal of choice.  Filbert the Manatee Plush Toy is so squishy and soft and cuddly, almost like the real thing without the dampness or fish-breath.  You’ll be sure to have many-tee sweet dreams with Filbert by your side.


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