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Get the Lead Out in Honor of National Pencil Day

March 30 is the day everyone who has ever enjoyed using the classroom sharpener has been waiting for…National Pencil Day! The beloved pencil, with the attached eraser, is having its 153rd birthday having been patented on this date by one Hyman Lipman.  Writers and artists and people who make mistakes everywhere are cheering.

Start Your Day Making a Musical Point

pencil earbuds

With Magic Pencil Earphones you can erase all the noise outside and focus on what’s playing in your own head, $22.95.

Move and groove your way to school or the office with this set of Magic Pencil Earphones.  Your friends may be confused as to why  why you have a pencil passing through your head, but you’ll know its the only way to keep all the good music to yourself.  Besides, its practically a magic trick and just one way to show that you’ve got the point as to why the pencil has its own official day.

All the Colors of the Rainbow in One

pencil 7-in-1

In one quick swoop you can add a rainbow to almost anything and bring joy to the world with the 7 Colors In 1 Pencil, $.95.

Imagine having seven colors all in one pencil.  Sound like a dream?  Well, now that dream has come true with the 7 Colors In 1 Pencil.  Celebrate National Pencil Day by adorning each and every love note, tardy excuse, business memo, bill payment, even job acceptance letter with a little rainbow. Think how much brighter your day, in fact everyone’s day, will be with the power of the pencil.

Use This Pencil, Save a Tree

pencil eco

Whether you write about conservation or prefer to write conservatively, these Eco Pencils (Set of 4) are both the write and right answer for you, $2.95.

If you are real honest-to-goodness tree hugger, wanna be tree-hugger, and happen to be a writer, or not, this is the answer to all your challenges when it comes to writing the old-fashioned way, with pencil and paper. The Eco Pencils (set of 4) are made from recycled bamboo.  First of all, bamboo grows really, really fast, which is a good thing.  Secondly, these pencils are from recycled bamboo making them, really, twice as good as the regular pencils you may use. Think about it.

Stay Sharp at Keeping Your Desk Organized

pencil sharpener

No small sharpeners need apply when you got the Giant Sharpener Hold All taking control of all things pointy, $15.95.

You were little once  and so were your pencil sharpeners.  But you’re bigger now and deserving of so much more.  Certainly you are more deserving of a Giant Sharpener Hold All now that you are the big boss, the big cheese, the big Lebowski. Show everyone that you mean business with this. Sort of.

Why Should People Have All the Fun?

pencil orgy

The Happy Jackson Pencil Case – Pen Orgy gets right to the point for all pens and pencils concerned and let’s them celebrate National Pencil Day  just like it was meant to be, $9.95.

Nothing says you care for your writing implements more than letting them have a little bit of time together.  That’s where this Happy Jackson Pencil Case – Pen Orgy is the perfect gift for those special items on their special day…National Pencil Day! What a thoughtful way to make everyone happy.


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