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Celebrate The First Ever Piano Day on March 28

For anyone who has ever sat down at a piano, even to hammer out a really bad version of Chopsticks, the first-ever Piano Day on March 28 is a must to celebrate.  If you happen to be a real aficionado and can rattle off versions of  everything from Maple Leaf Rag to the most current of show tunes, and you know who you are, then this is DEFINITELY as day for you to get out and tickle those old ivories.  Just be sure to leave a tip jar, whether  piano player or player piano, where everyone can show their appreciation for your skills so you can put that change to good use and buy some of the clever accessories.

piano day


Take Those Requests for Numbers

PIANO DAY Piano Calculator

This fabulous Piano Calculator will let you perform some amazing numbers.

Here’s a great way to always deliver a great number.  Or numbers, depending on how many you put in.  There’s not a wrong note on this keyboard that will be sure to impress everyone around the office.  Seriously, who wouldn’t want a piano calculator and dazzle them with your digits?

Piano Calculator $10.95

Bring A Harmonious Aesthetic To Your Wardrobe


Tie one on around the Piano Bar.

Black and white goes with just about anything.  Get a standing ovation at the board meeting when you present with perfect style and pitch that latest project.  This fabulous keyboard tie will get you the attention, and applause, you deserve.

Piano Tie $8.25

Get Out And Play

PIANO DAY Giant Piana Keypad

Tap dancing has a whole new meaning with this ginormous keyboard.

The movie Big did for oversize keyboards what E.T. did for Reese’s pieces.  Suddenly, everyone wanted one, in the case of the keyboard, and lots, in the case of the Reese’s, but you get the general idea.  Either way, now you can have your own personal World’s Largest Piano Mat and accompany yourself while dancing.  How’s that for getting calling out your inner Tom Hanks?

World’s Largest Piano Mat $39.95

Always Be Keyed Into Technology

PIANO DAY phone case

Phone your performance in with this great cellphone case.

Play right in tune with your favorite ring tones with with smart and sassy cellphone case.  You can serenade or jam your way through the day, rain or shine, knowing you’ve got a song right at your fingertips.

Piano Keys Phone Case $30.00

Wrap Up Piano Day With A Classic


Show them you know a thing or tune with this great piano scarf.

Show everyone you know what makes for a classic, just don’t call this scarf a standard.  It will warm you up and keep those vocal pipes nice and toasty, just in case the opportunity to sing a few lines from Baby, It’s Cold Outside presents itself.  Have keyboard, will travel in a style that Liberace would give a standing ovation.

Music Keyboard Scarf $20.89

And last but not least, be sure to check out this awesome playlist of beautiful piano songs and classics made just for Piano day by the record label Erased Tapes, thanks to NTS Radio.

With all the fun and fantastic items, you are sure to have a great Piano Day.  Just to stay out oftreble





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