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Who Doesn’t Love a Good Root Canal?

And who knew there was such a thing as Root Canal Awareness Week, March 27-April 2?  Lucky for you, we are here to keep you advised and apprised of such important celebrations.  Afterall, without proper gum and tooth health, how could you eat all that chocolate?

Illuminate Those Dental Issues

tooth lamp.jpg

Chew a bit on how great this Tooth Lamp will look at the home or office, $116.95.

Nothing says dental hygiene, let alone root canal, than a giant Tooth Lamp. Show those around you that you care by having this on display.  And, like all teeth, it is versatile.  Not only is it a lamp, it is big enough to use as a foot stool.  Never have you come so close to putting your foot in your mouth with such style.

The Sweet Tooth of the Matter

tooth cupcakes

Chomp into these adorably delicious little chompers made with the Sweet Tooth Cupcake Molds, $9.95.

So cute and hard to resist, they seem like the perfect way to celebrate a root canal or any special event, for that matter.  The Sweet Tooth Cupcake Molds come in a set or four and are perfect for a variety of occasions including visits from the Tooth Fairy! Just fill the cavity and bake. Sink your teeth into these yummy delights.

Contain Those Sweet Cravings

tooth sweets container

To eat a sweet or not eat a sweet, that is the on-going dental question, and can be easily answered by whatever you find most suitable to put into the Sweet Tooth Sweets Container, $12.95.

Never let it be said that everything doesn’t have its place and this little dish is the definition of irony.  If you’ve got a sweet tooth and are trying to stave off a bit (or not) you can put your candy in this unique Sweet Tooth Sweets Container as a gentle reminder.  Whether it works or not to meet your needs, well, that is completely up to you.  It may also be a great place to keep your dental floss.  We’re just sayin’.

How Tooth Thou Art

tooth pick holder

Use this unique Pick A Tooth Toothpick Holder as a way to make new friends, or at least make it through a first date, $12.95.

Use this wonderful Pick A Tooth Toothpick Holder as a subtle way to remind friends, family, and colleagues they have something stuck in there teeth.  We all know how awkward that can be at times, when that green piece of spinach is hanging out, right there, over the incisor. Fear not, with this terrific visual aid, and perhaps a mirror, you can be assured that everyone within your general vicinity with be free of distracting leftover food stuck in their teeth.  At least you will get an “A” for effort.

When All is Said and Done, at Least Remember to Brush

tooth brush

Glistening and sexy, just like your teeth with be after you brush with the Slim Sonic Toothbrush.  You’ll be glad you did, $14.95.

While it is certainly fun to eat sweets, Root Canal Week comes as a gentle reminder to one and all that dental hygiene and proper care are key to keeping those teeth for long, long time.  And one of the best ways to do that is to brush them.  The Slim Sonic Toothbrush is the ideal way to battle against those sticky, ooey, gooey, sublimely delicious enemies as with its trim silhouette and carrying case, you can easily pop it into your bag or briefcase and always be prepared to dazzle with a smile. Say cheese.  Then please brush.


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