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Go for a Twirl! It’s National Noodle Month

No matter how you press it, rigatoni, macaroni, vermicelli, or any other pasta that ends with an “eeeeee,” noodles are a favorite from east to west and back again.  So it seems only natural there should be a month celebrating the fabulous food that is both entertaining and delicious, National Noodle Month!  Come on…what’s more fun that watching someone slurp up spaghetti.  Unless it is trying to slurp up spaghetti during a business dinner or first date.

Measurement as an Art Form

noodle measure

Brush off your concerns about “how much will I need,” with the Masterpiece Spaghetti Measure, $9.95.

What better way to create the perfect pasta plate than with an artistic measurement? No need to artfully guess how much you will need for your guests when you use the Masterpiece Spaghetti Measure. No one will ever question your taste, again.

Warning: A Pinch of This and a Pinch of That May Lead to a Pinch on the Bottom

noodle herbs

A bit of fresh can continue to go a long way thyme and thyme again with the SpiceCube Herb Freezer Tray, $9.95.

What self-respecting pasta chef doesn’t want to add a little something-something special to their dish, but worries about wasting that something-something special because you simply have too much? The SpiceCube Herb Freezer Tray is exactly what you, the kitchen impresario, has been seeking.  No longer will you have to toss out delectable fresh herbs and spices because now you can keep them as tasty as if you just picked them with this handy, dandy tray.  Primo!

Get Everyone Stirred Up

noodle utensils

You don’t have to be a brick layer to appreciate these Utensil Blocks, $39.95.

You can have fun in your kitchen and still be serious about the results with these playfully stylish Utensil Blocks.  They may look like one of your favorite childhood toys, but come with the added benefit of actually being able to  find them when you want to dish something up.

Why Choose When You Can Have 2-In-1?

noodle ramen

It’s a spoon.  It’s a fork.  It’s not your run-of-the-mill spork, though, it’s the Ramen Spoon + Fork which is SO much better.  $15.00

There are those who prefer to spin their spaghetti on the fork and those who prefer to spin it against a spoon and, still, there are those who prefer to cut it with a knife…but we won’t talk about them. For those who twirl freestyle or in utensil tandem, this single implement, the Ramen Spoon + Fork,  takes care of it all. Besides, it looks really cool and that, in itself, makes it worth putting out on the dinner table.

Go Ahead and Play With Your Food, Kids!

noodle dinner dos

Let your kids create practically perfect pasta presentations  even they will want to eat with Dinner Do’s, $18.95.

We’ve all known those picky eaters, right?  Well, this is one way to get them enjoying their meals while creating funny faces.  Manipulate macaroni into mullets.  Fashion fusilli into feathered bangs. Pack practically any pasta into a pompadour, then let them eat up their fashion sensible meals.  Dinner Do’s are great for adults, too.  Especially those who don’t like their vegetables.

So use your noodle to celebrate National Noodle Month.  You’ll be glad you did.

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