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Hey, I’m Tolkien to You!

March 25 is Tolkien Reading Day and for fans of all things Middle Earth, it is an opportunity to take a gander at some of his other works, too, while enjoying the familiar and basking in the glow of Smaug.  Here are a few goodies to assist you in setting the perfect stage for your own readings.

Be Sure Everyone Knows Who is in Charge

tolkien laird

There’s no question about it, you can have the destiny you have always dreamed of with the Become A Laird Or Lady Gift Box, $29.95.

Dress to impress, or at least talk that way, when you tell your visiting minions to bow down and honor your position as the Laird or Lady of your castle.  Or house.  Or apartment. Or parent’s basement.  Command the respect you deserve by buying it with the Become A Laird or Lady Gift Box.  Well, it’s certainly worth a try. Maybe it will help you settle everyone down so you can read.

Never Lose Time Again

tolkien necklace

This Aquitaine Sundial Necklace comes in several unique styles and is jewelry with a purpose and a messenger of time, $34.95.

It happens to all of us, now and again.  Time just flies, especially when you are reading one of your favorite Tolkien books.  Fear not, literary adventurer, the Aquitaine Sundial Necklace will illuminate you with the time of day through clever use of the sun.  Besides, it looks super cool and like it came right out of one of the author’s books.  Jewelry with a purpose and a messenger of time.

Gather Nearer the Flame, But Don’t Get Burned

tolkien fire

Brighten up your reading with a bit of fantastic fakery in the form of this 10″ Cauldron Flame, $23.95.

Set the mood for your the reading of Tolkien passages with this 10″ Cauldron Flame with no worries.  The brilliant dancing flames are actually faux, which is a much classier way of saying fake, with LED lights providing the realistic color.  You can create the perfect magical and mystical ambiance anywhere with this enchanting display. Even your dorm room, but you may need to pick up a little.

We Dare You to Try Something New

tolkien book 1

Step into the earliest of tales created by Tolkien with The Story of Kullervo, $17.87 Hardcover, $11.99 Kindle.

Center your spoken feast around a new main course, one that has just been recently discovered and published.  The Story of Kullervo, is about, as Tolkien himself called him, “Hapless Kullervo,” an orphaned boy with a sister, black dog, and supernatural powers. What more could you need? Knowing it’s Tolkien, and an early work that set the stage for more to come, you need only open the cover to begin a new journey.

And a Last One for the Road

tolkien book 2

The Children of Hurin, takes you to places you only thought you knew about, $21.69 Hardcover, $9.99 Kindle.

Follow the trail of Hurin, the man who would defy the first dark lord, Morgoth, and set the path for those to follow in Middle Earth.  Christopher Tolkien, carefully crafted together The Children of Hurin, the unfinished work of his father, and the precursor to the Rings.   Are you prepared to see how the fate of Middle Earth came to be? It’s time to gather the elves.

Ready, Set, Read

Now you should be more than good to go to celebrate what should be considered a national, no, international holiday.  If not here, then, at least in Middle Earth.  And New Zealand.



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