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11 Fun And Festive Ideas For Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Whether you partake in an Easter egg hunt, paint eggs in festive colors, or indulge in the sweet treats of chocolate rabbits and candy, this holiday will provide you and your friends and family with some quality time together filled with fun, joy, and memories. However, what would Easter be without the iconic Easter bunny? These 11 bunny-themed products are the perfect additions to your Easter celebration. Whether you give them as gifts or keep them for yourself, either way, they’ll have you practically hopping with excitement this Easter.


Bunnyside Up Egg Mold

What better way to start your morning this Eater than by making eggs or pancakes in the shape of the holiday’s mascot? The Bunnyside Up Egg Mold will deliver deliciously adorable breakfast food that’ll have both you and your kids excited to start celebrating.


Egg Shapers

What would Easter be without Easter eggs for the kids? You won’t be painting these particular eggs, but with the Egg Shapers, you can take hard boiled eggs and form them into cute little bunny rabbits, and when you’re done admiring your creations, you can eat them too!



Get the youngsters involved for Easter with the Cuppies. These colorful drinking cups are perfect for your toddlers who have grown out of their baby cups and need something a bit bigger. They’ll be in for a surprise too when they see this adorable rabbit greeting them at the bottom once they finish the entire glass.


Veggie Shapers Rabbit

After your children are done devouring all the candy and sweets they received on Easter, you’ll want to give them something healthy in return. The Veggie Shapers Rabbit will still keep your kids in the Easter mood, while also allowing you to take your favorite vegetables and shape and assemble them into cute little bunnies.


Knotty Bunny Cable Organizer

Wouldn’t you love to receive these in your Easter basket? Both functional and adorable, these Knotty Bunny Cable Organizers will keep all your cables, cords, and wires from tangling. And as an added bonus, they even come in decorative colors perfect for the holiday including pink, purple, and green!


Foresta Bunny Canister

Let this cute rabbit accessorize your bathroom this Easter. Store all your cotton balls in the Foresta Bunny Canister that is shaped like your favorite furry friend.


Zoola Bunny Ring Holder

For those of you who just can’t seem to keep your rings in one place, the Zoola Bunny Ring Holder is the perfect solution. Add this cute little guy to your collection and never worry again about missing a ring because you’ll know that this chrome rabbit is safely holding them for you on his ears.


Balloon Bunny Munny Bank

Not only will you get a shiny, fun, and festive way to store your money, but you’ll add a smile to your face every time you see this Balloon Bunny Munny Bank.


Dinner Time Salad Set Rabbit Food

If you’re starting off your Easter dinner with some salad, scoop up and serve the appetizer with the Dinner Time Salad Set Rabbit Food. These wooden utensils feature two very unhappy rabbits whose only gripe is that they can’t join you and enjoy the yummy salad treat you’ve created.


Mini Magnetic Salt & Pepper Grinder Set

When dinner arrives on your Easter evening and you or your guests reach for the seasonings, pass the Mini Magnetic Salt & Pepper Grinder Set. These dining accessories are not only rabbit shaped with ears that double as hand grinders, but they also have magnetic backings that’ll allow them to stick to any metal surface with ease.


Menagerie Wine Topper

If you’re an adult celebrating Easter this year and you decide to pour yourself a glass of wine, the Menagerie Wine Topper is the perfect solution for sealing your bottles and keeping them fresh even after Easter has ended.



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