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7 Smart Ways To Keep Your Cords And Cables Organized

There is nothing more annoying than tangled cords and headphone cables. No matter what you do or how hard you try, your wires always end up in a twisted heap of massive frustration. You spend hours a week trying to untangle the mess, only for it to happen all over again. With these 7 smart cable organizers, experience what it’s like to live tangle-free and you’ll never have to worry about messy wires again.

Block Earphone Holder

Fun, colorful, and nostalgia are what is in store for you when you purchase the Block Earphone Holder. You’ll look forward to organizing your headphones with these adorably useful building blocks that’ll remind you of the toy you used to play with as a child.


Earphone Cord Holder

Earphone Cord Holder |

For technology’s tangled messes, you’ll be glad you have the Earphone Cord Holder to help you. This stylish piece is perfect for anything from earphones to mouse wires, so you’ll never have to concern yourself with knotted cables again.

Knotty Bunny Cable Organizer


Your cords will be hopping with excitement when they see these cute little Knotty Bunny Cable Organizers. Add these adorable rabbits to your sea of tangled wires and use the 6 different colors to label each wire so you can identify them with ease.


Great Balls of Wire

Give your cables a round place to call home with the Great Balls of Wire. This circular organizer is the perfect blend of fun and functional that’ll hold your cables and keep them from tangling.


LeafKeepers Cable Ties

How about bringing a little bit of nature to your technology with the Leafkeepers Cable Ties? Turn those disorganized wires from a messy pile of weeds into a nicely manicured garden of tangle-free cords with this cute sprout keeping everything in order.


Plug Out Organizer

What do you do when you have four cords but only two outlets to accommodate them? Do you just leave the two not in use laying on the floor in an unsightly pile? With the Plug Out Organizer, you can save money on electricity by not leaving unused cords plugged in and you can keep those wires neatly secured in place until they’re needed.


Happy Jackson Tidy Tunes Earphone Case

You’ve heard of cases for your phone of course, but what about a case specifically designed for your headphones? The Happy Jackson Tidy Tunes Earphone Case is a stylish and convenient way to store your earbuds when not in use by simply winding them up in the included cord wrap and tucking it securely inside this vinyl pouch.



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