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7 Fun Ways To Get Inspired For National Learn About Butterflies Day

You’ve watched them flutter by you on a sunny spring or summer day. Their lovely wings with a dazzling array of colors flapping by as they catch the breeze and slowly soar off. But how much do you really know about these winged creatures known as butterflies? On March 14th, National Learn About Butterflies Day invites you to spread your own wings of knowledge and take some time to learn more about these beautiful insects. Let these butterfly-themed products add to your celebration of these fascinating creatures, and you’ll be all set for National Learn About Butterflies Day.


Green Earth: Insect Kit

What better way to celebrate Learn About Butterflies Day than by actually raising your very own! With the Green Earth: Insect Kit, you’ll get everything you need to create your own habitat for these winged-beauties. Perfect for kids or adults to study and learn about these insects, all you’ll need is to obtain the Butterfly Larvae, which is sold separately, and you’ll be ready for some fun!


Butterfly Combination Mobile

Get inspired to learn more about these beautiful creatures with the Butterfly Combination Mobile. This wonderful wall decoration will have you thinking these insects are ready to take flight and circle your room.


Butterfly Umbrella

Butterfly Umbrella |

This is one caterpillar you’ll want turning into a beautiful butterfly. With the Butterfly Umbrella, you can treat yourself to the magnificent display of colors from the butterfly’s wings and marvel at the level of detail in such a stunning piece. And when you’re ready to put this insect back into your bag, use the caterpillar-looking case for safe storage.


Fiber Optic Butterfly Light String

Drape, decorate, and enjoy this incredible display of artistry and nature with the Fiber Optic Butterfly Light String. What better way to celebrate learning about these winged insects than with this strand of the delicate little creatures casting a lovely array of light throughout your home, windows, porch, or yard?

Fiber Optic Color Changing Butterfly


Your room is about to dance in a colorful show of lights from this Fiber Optic Color Changing Butterfly. Plug this LED night light in and watch as the wings of this creature cycle through different vibrant hues and give your darkened nights a splash of color and light.


Monarchy Wall Décor

The wall’s the limit for these precious little insects. Enjoy the relaxing and decorative nature of the Monarchy Wall Décor which provides you with 24 butterflies that come in a 3D design so that they look ready to flutter right off their wall perch and float across the room.


Chrysalis Wall Décor

Pleasing to both the eye and your room, the Chrysalis Wall Décor is a perfect mixture of nature, style, and sophistication that’ll just brighten up any home. These 3D creatures come in black and clear and with their various designs, you’ll never know which one to look at first as they rest on your wall.




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