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Enjoy Some Gardening Just In Time For National Plant A Flower Day

Nothing will get you excited for spring like a beautiful garden. Break out the shovels, seeds, and watering can and start preparing your yard for National Plant a Flower Day on March 12th. Take this special day to bring out the gardener in you by planting your favorite flowers. Don’t fret if you live in an apartment with no grass to start your precious garden because on National Plant a Flower Day, you can plant something in a pot anywhere in your home where the sun shines. Either way, the end results will be beautiful.



Get into the spirit of National Plant a Flower Day by putting down some roots with the Eggling. This adorable little shell comes ready for you to grow your plant, and with a variety of seeds to choose from, you can watch your precious plant blossom into a full-fledged flower.


Magic Bean: I Love You

What better sentiment to plant on this day than the Magic Bean: I Love You. Not only are you getting a beautiful plant, but also a loving message engraved on the bean once it blooms.


Magic Vegetables: Ghost Chili

If spices are more your thing, than take advantage of this day and plant the Magic Vegetables: Ghost Chili. Just warn your taste buds because once this plant fully grows, you’ll be in for a really, really, really, hot pepper treat. You may need that watering can for yourself to quench that thirst once you try your spicy creation.



Send someone a cheerful greeting on National Plant a Flower Day with the Postcarden post card. This special gift isn’t just for reading. This card transforms into a 3D scene that doubles as a base for your garden, so you’ll be able to get creative and construct this piece for your plants right in your own home.


Heirloom Lavender Garden-In-A-Bag

Give your home the gift of this perfumed flower with the Heirloom Lavender Garden-In-A-Bag. This non-traditional means for growing flowers gives you the chance to try something different for National Plant a Flower Day and start your garden at home today.



This is the story of when fish met flowers. The AquaFarm introduces you to a new way to plant and display your flowers. You can grow your flowers right on top of your fish bowl. The tank’s unique design enables your plants to be fertilized by the fish’s poo, while the plant keeps the fish bowl clean. What a perfect match!


Lantern Paper Vase w/ White LED Light

For those looking to do some planting indoors, the Lantern Paper Vase w/ White LED Light is the perfect solution. By simply removing the light source and replacing it with a glass filled with flowers, you can have a stylish paper vase that is just waiting for you to plant something for National Plant a Flower Day.


Mini Water Globe

Now that you’ve planted those seeds, you’ll need some accessories to help them grow. The Mini Water Globe is a decorative addition to you flower pots that will keep your precious plants well-watered for up to two weeks.


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