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10 Ways To Clear The Clutter And Give Your Desk A Makeover

With spring just around the corner, you’ll want to plan ahead for how you are going to get neat and organized. What better place to start than your very desk? Your desk is the space where you need to be productive, get stuff done, and finish your work in a timely manner. Problem is, if your work space is covered in files, paperwork, scattered pens and pencils, old snack wrappers, and any other things causing such disorder, you will not be getting much accomplished. Let these 10 products help you clear that clutter and add a little organization to your life and more importantly…your desk!


Rocky Desk Butler

This cute, red pup is ready to fetch your mess and clean up your desk. The Rocky Desk Butler has a compartment for storing small office supplies or stationary, a magnetic nose for holding paper clips, and space for up to 5 pens or pencils.


MagNet Mesh Organizer

National Novel Writing Month - Mesh Organizer

Your desk will look professional and stylish when you arrange your stuff with the MagNet Mesh Organizer in Silver. This metal organizer gives you plenty of room for papers, letters, notes, and more, so that when you need to reach for that file during an important business call, it’ll be right there waiting for you.


ClipNote Organizer

How about a jumbo paperclip for your desk? The ClipNote Organizer keeps your papers firmly held together with the stainless steel wires that separate easily and then spring back into place, so you’ll be sure never to lose anything again.


Cork Board Cactus

Cork Board Cactus |

Something organized is growing amidst the desert of your messy desk and it’s the Cork Board Cactus. No water is required for this little plant to provide your clutter with some much needed organization. Just attach your items with the included pushpins and store additional things in the hollow terracotta pot.


Snap It Up Organizer

What a wonderfully colorful way to bring some coordination to your clutter. Display the Snap It Up Organizer on your desk and use the vibrant rubber bands to keep anything from photos and reminder notes to pens and pencils in place.


Crunch Time Desk Organizer

The Crunch Time Desk Organizer appears to have already seen and felt the stress of its disorganized owner, but still stands ready to hold your writing materials and rubber bands neatly so that you never experience those feelings of frustration again.

Lucky Sticky Pad Holder

The Lucky Sticky Pad Holder is perfect for dog lovers who just don’t have enough time to clean up their work space. Let this little guy guard your sticky pad and pens so that you’ll never be without your office supplies again.


Jot Desk Coaster

How about a little coffee with your organized desk? The Jot Desk Coaster provides a home for both your pens and coffee cup so you’ll always have them at the ready. Remove the worry of coffee stains ending up all over those important contracts with this handy desk accessory that’ll give you peace of mind and of course coffee!


Mesh Letter Tray

Nothing looks worse for a work space than having papers just piled in random spaces. How will you ever find anything? With the Mesh Letter Tray, you can easily fit all your paperwork in one place and when you need even more room, just stack another, and another, on top of each other, and you’ll have an organized tray tower.


Brocade Pencil Cup

Add that final touch to your desk with this artistically-designed Brocade Pencil Cup. Stylish sophistication are what await your pens, highlighters, markers, pens, and more with this beautiful organization accessory for your workspace.





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