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Pour Yourself A Bowl For National Cereal Day

Nothing will get your morning going the right way quite like a bowl of cereal. Gather round the table on March 7th for National Cereal Day which invites you to celebrate everything you love about this tasty breakfast classic. Have it traditionally for breakfast with your coffee, take it to work as a lunchtime substitute, or indulge yourself at dinner with a nice heaping bowl of your favorite brand. Either way, you’ll need these products to help you have the best cereal-eating experience you could ask for! So grab a bowl, or two, or three, and enjoy cereal in honor of this special day.


Spilt Milk Cereal Bowl

What better way to start National Cereal Day than with the Spilt Milk Cereal Bowl? This fun and functional bowl is meant to resemble milk splashing out of the rim as if from the cereal itself. Perfect for kids due to its silicone material and humorous design, nothing will cause more laughs and smiles at the breakfast table in the morning.


Man Bowl

Now you can eat just like your dog with the Man Bowl. Don’t worry about not having enough cereal for breakfast with this giant ceramic bowl that’ll be big enough to fill up any hungry eater.


Sometsuke Bowls

Sometsuke Bowls (Set of 4) |

Care to eat your cereal with chopsticks? Your breakfast is going international with these Japanese Sometsuke Bowls. These beautiful bowls are hand painted and will bring a sense of culture and sophistication to your breakfast table.


Retro Milk Bottle & Sugar Serving Set

Take a step back in time for your next breakfast with the Retro Milk Bottle & Sugar Serving Set. This classic-looking duo resemble the Milkman milk bottles of the past. Use the old-fashioned bottle to pour your milk and add something sweet to your cereal with the matching sugar bowl.


Strawberry Slicer Hand Slicer

What cereal isn’t complete without its toppings, and who doesn’t love fruit with their breakfast? With the Strawberry Slicer Hand Slicer, you can add some fresh fruit to your cereal in seconds.


Feed Me Baby Spoons

Although your babies may not be eating traditional cereal quite just yet, this Feed Me Baby Spoon will make whatever breakfast treat they eat just as fun and special. Choose from a Frog or Duck and give your kids the giggles as they enjoy their breakfast straight from the mouths of these adorable little friends.



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