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10 Artistic Ways To Celebrate National Craft Month

Grab your markers, crayons, paints, pencils, and any other art supplies you can think of…or carry…and get ready to craft! March is officially National Craft Month, so take this opportunity to show off your artistic side in any creative way you see fit. Let these 10 products inspire you to create something special for this craft-filled month where the only limit to what you can make is your own imagination. Happy crafting everyone!

Lippy Lipstick Markers

In order to enjoy National Craft Month, you’re going to need some supplies to help with your art. The Lippy Lipstick Markers provide you with four highlighters disguised as makeup that you can use to add a splash of color to your crafty creations.

7 Colors in 1 Pencil 

Include this rainbow writing utensil in your crafting collection just in time for National Craft Month. The 7 Colors in 1 Pencil lets you write or draw anything you like but with the added bonus of a rainbow of colors to really give your work that extra something special.

Tatebanko Paper Diorama

What better way to start your creativity for National Craft Month then with a few masterpieces from some great artists? The Tatebanko Paper Diorama gives you the chance to build your own scene based on three classic paintings from Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, and Edvard Munch.

Design Your Own Lamp 

Get your kids involved with National Craft Month with the Design Your Own Lamp. The whole family will enjoy personalizing this home accessory over and over again with anything they can imagine. Have fun lighting up your home with this fun piece of art.

Paper Town 

Let your crafting mix with some architecture with this Paper Town set. Choose between three colors and have fun constructing the 10 included 3D objects as you create your own city.

DIY Calculator 

How about a little math with your crafting? This DIY Calculator doesn’t require you to be a mathematician to enjoy designing your very own calculator with whatever fun and creative pictures or drawings you desire.

Cone Bird House

The birds will thank you for this clever little art project. The Cone Bird House gives you the chance to design and construct your very own plastic birdhouse with ease.

T-Shirt Graffiti UV Neon

The T-Shirt Graffiti UV Neon provides you with everything you need in order to start making some creative designs. Decorate the included shirt with the 8 neon markers and show all your friends and family what an awesome fashion designer and artist you are!

Working Wood Trebuchet DIY Kit

Put your woodworking skills to the test with the Working Wood Trebuchet DIY Kit and take a step back in time to the days of catapults with this medieval launcher that you get to build yourself!

Carve Your Own Message Card

Let the wood carving begin as you make this personalized postcard with the Carve Your Own Message Card. This unique work of art is completely yours to carve whatever designs or messages you want to create.

One comment on “10 Artistic Ways To Celebrate National Craft Month

  1. cartierlove
    July 9, 2016

    Thank you for this list; many of us can relate.


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