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Celebrate Read Across America Day With These 10 Gifts For Your Books

It’s story time across the United States on March 2nd. Enjoy the National Education Association’s Read Across America Day which encourages everyone to promote reading among children and celebrate the love of books. Created on the birthday of the great Dr. Seuss himself, kids across the nation are invited to join in on this educational day, and you can get into the spirit as well with these 10 reading-related products for your own book collection!


Choose from these fun bookmarks to always keep your page when you’re reading.

Sprout Bookmarks

Never worry about losing your place again with these little plants rooted firmly on your page. The Sprout Bookmarks look like tiny leaves growing from within your books, so you’ll always remember where you left off during your reading.


Fingerprint Bookmarks

This clever reading accessory will make finding exactly where you last read with ease. The Fingerprint Bookmark straps onto your page and has an adjustable hand that can point to the very line you were reading so you’ll never forget your place.


Frank Llyod Wright Waterlilies Bookmark

This is one bookmark that is both functional and decorative. Add this beautiful Frank Llyod Wright Waterlilies Bookmark to your collection and let this artistic piece give your books an architectural-touch.



Let these interesting bookends hold your books in place in a stylish and cool way.

Jungle Bookmark Bookend Baobab

Let the Jungle Bookmark Bookend Baobab keep your books displayed nice and neat thanks to this sturdy piece that’ll bring the Baobab Tree to your bookshelf.


Evolution Bookends

Your bookcase is about to get scientific with this Evolution Bookends. This piece depicts the progression throughout time from ape to man, all while keeping your books secure and organized.


Katana Bookends

Your books will never know what hit them with the Katana Bookends. This cleverly-designed piece will magnetically hold your books in place so it’ll appear as if you literally sliced through all your classics with this samurai sword blade.


Bronze Leaf Bookends

Bronze Leaf Bookend |

Add a little touch of nature to your bookshelves with the Bronze Leaf Bookends. Your books can only benefit from this beautiful piece to keep them standing due to its artistic design and overall elegant look and feel that’ll make any bookcase incredible.


Toy Soldiers Bookends

Your books will never fall again with the help from these brave Toy Soldiers Bookends. These tough little guys will protect and serve your bookshelf and keep your precious novels safe from ever toppling over or becoming disorganized while under their watchful eyes.



Illuminate your reading experience with these handy light accessories for your books.

Ultra Thin Book Light

Your reading just got a whole lot brighter thanks to the Ultra Thin Book Light. Simply clip this accessory onto your pages, bend it to the desired angle, and dive into that book of yours!


Tiny Tim Book Light

Make reading at night fun with the adorable Tiny Tim Book Light. This miniaturized lamp may be small, but it packs quite the illuminating punch when you need to read in the dark. Just clip it to your book and enjoy reading from some nicely-lit pages.


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