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7 Gifts For National Tooth Fairy Day

When you lost a tooth as a child, you probably went through the traditional practice of putting the tooth under your pillow, going to sleep, and waking up to find a special treat left for you from the mysterious collector of teeth. The legend of the Tooth Fairy has existed for years, and on February 28th, you can honor this fantastical being by celebrating National Tooth Fairy Day with these 7 products that are completely teeth-themed!

Tooth Lamp

Light up your room and have a seat with the Tooth Lamp. This glowing molar doesn’t need to be brushed in order to shine. Use as a lamp, foot stool, or chair to sit on, and enjoy this toothy accessory in your home.

Pick A Tooth Toothpick Holder


Now you’ll always remember to get that food out of your pearly whites with the Pick A Tooth Toothpick Holder. Just fill it up with some toothpicks, display it anywhere you feel you’ll need the reminder, and keep those teeth of yours clean.

Sweet Tooth Cupcake Molds

In honor of National Tooth Fairy Day, why not enjoy some delicious, sugary snacks shaped just like the very thing the Tooth Fairy loves? With the Sweet Tooth Cupcake Molds, you can bake up some goodies in these adorable shapes and celebrate the day in sweet tooth style!

Slim Sonic Toothbrush

Slim Sonic Toothbrush |

Tartar and plaque won’t stand a chance with the Slim Sonic Toothbrush at your disposal. Portable and battery-operated, this dental accessory will be your new favorite way to keep your teeth clean, fresh, and cavity-free.

Sweet Tooth Sweets Container


No matter how much candy this tooth gets filled with, it’ll never develop cavities. Enjoy storing your favorite sugary treats in the Sweet Tooth Sweets Container or just display it as an interesting and decorative piece in your home.

Grassy Organizer

There is something hiding in those blades of grass and it could be your toothbrush and toothpaste. The Grassy Organizer can come in handy for multiple uses around your home, but if you choose to accessorize your bathroom with it, know that your toothbrush and toothpaste have found a secure holder to reside in.

Refillable Toothbrush

No need to worry about not having your toothpaste with you on your travels with this handy Refillable Toothbrush at your service. Just fill up the bottom of the tube with your toothpaste, give it a twist, and watch as the toothpaste comes right out of the brush’s bristles with complete ease and mess-free.


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