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10 Perfect Picks For Floral Design Day

Embrace the beauty and magnificence of flowers on this very special day. February 28th is Floral Design Day and this is your perfect opportunity to experience flowers in any way you can imagine. From floral arrangements to vases and decorative lights to note cards, floral designs span a wide range of fields. So take a moment to commemorate this flower-themed day with these products that’ll make you appreciate just how lovely floral designs are.

Orchid Lights


Make your home shine with a little help from the Cherry Blossom LED Light Branches. These beautiful flowers will complement your home wonderfully and are the perfect addition to any vase.

Wallflowers Wall Décor


Add a little floral touch to your walls with the Wallflowers Wall Décor. These precious little petals will easily stick to your walls with their adhesive back, so you can create your own floral design masterpiece in honor of this special day.

Cherry Blossom Lights with 3 Branches


Your home will continue to benefit from Floral Design Day with these Cherry Blossom Lights with 3 Branches. You will just love the subtle glow that emanates from this beautiful and decorative piece of art.

Sabuda Pop-Up Note Cards Set: Daffodils

Tell everyone you know that it’s Floral Design Day with the Sabuda Pop-Up Note Cards: Daffodils. These charming flower cards come blank and ready for you to fill them with whatever precious sentiments you choose to express on this day.

Lolita Wildflowers Wine Glass

Raise a glass and toast to this flower-filled day with the Lolita Wildflowers Wine Glass. A perfect addition to this special day, you can enjoy your wine while feasting your eyes on this floral-designed glass that is covered in a beautiful bouquet of colorful wildflowers.

Outline Vase

Add a little modern flair to Floral Design Day with the Outline Vase. Simply a silhouette of a common vase, this piece is anything but traditional.

Orchid Jewelry Tree

The Orchid Jewelry Tree is just another perfect example of floral design at its finest. Hang all your necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more on this piece that resembles a single orchid branch with a leaf base capable of holding additional valuables.

Neat Eats Flower Cupcakes


What would Floral Design Day be without a little dessert? Bake up some scrumptious treats for this day in the Neat Eats Flower Cupcakes baking cups that look just like flower pots and dive in with the included flower forks so you can plant your favorite sweets and eat them too!

“Cinch” Plant Hanger


If floral arrangements are on the agenda for Floral Design Day, then what better way to display your wonderful creations proudly then with the 3 Ft “Cinch” Plant Hanger. Simply put your flowers in the pot of your choosing, attach the stainless steel cables to the rim, and lift it into the air so that your plants will hang off the ground for everyone to see.

Chalkboard Vase

It’s time to get creative with the Chalkboard Vase. This flower vase not only allows you to display your plants in a fun manner but also gives you the ability to draw whatever floral-themed design you desire on the chalkboard.


One comment on “10 Perfect Picks For Floral Design Day

  1. Jenny Stephens
    March 1, 2016

    Great ideas – I particularly like the jewellery tree!


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