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Throw A Grammy Award-Winning Party!

The 58th Annual Grammy Awards is the night to honor your favorite musicians for their outstanding talents. What better way to celebrate this evening than by holding your own Grammy-themed party and watching the exciting event with your friends and family? Let these gifts put your guests in that musical mood so your party Award-winning.


Guitar Cutting Board

Guitar Cutting Board

The party hasn’t even started yet and already you’re getting into the Grammy spirit with this Guitar Cutting Board. Put away those boring square cutting boards that just won’t do for this themed event, and chop, dice, and slice your favorite ingredients on this bamboo surface that will allow you to compose some tasty treats for all your guests.

BBQ Guitar Spatula


BBQ Guitar Spatula

If barbecue is on the menu for this Grammy-themed party, then what better way to flip your burgers than with the BBQ Guitar Spatula? This stainless steel utensil will make rocking out at the grill both fun and exciting. So whether you’re into electric, bass or acoustic guitars, you’ll be sure to crank out some serious burgers with this spatula.

MIX STIX Drumstick Spoons
Mix Stix Drumstick Mixing Spoons

Keep the food preparation going for this award-winning night by mixing up some yummy dishes and tunes with these Mix Stix Drumstick Spoons. Use them as normal stirring spoons for your soups, sauces, pastas and more, or flip them around and start drumming away on your pots and pans with the drumstick handles. You’ll be making some musical masterpieces right there in your kitchen.


Cassette Bottle Opener

Cassette bottle opener

There once was something called a cassette tape that people listened to music on. Give your guests that nostalgic feel with each pop of their bottle caps thanks to the Cassette Bottle Opener. Nothing will make for a better throwback on this Grammy night than this retro reminder of where music came from.

Record Coaster Set

45 Record Coasters

Once your guests have had fun popping all their drinks with the bottle opener, they’re going to need something to place them on. With the Record Coaster Set, not only will you have something to protect your tables from any damage, but you also have this musical-themed item that will go perfectly with your Grammy-filled evening.

Drinkman Flask

Drinkman Flask

If drinking from glasses or bottles isn’t really you or your guests’ thing, then give your partygoers another retro throwback with this Drinkman Flask. Shaped like a vintage Walkman, this flask will let you take a secret sip in between each winner’s announcement, so you’ll never miss a single moment of this anticipated award show.


Record Placemats

record placemats
When it’s time to decorate the table, nothing will be more fitting for this Grammy-themed party than these Record Placemats. These place settings are the perfect addition to any party and set the tone nicely for the delicious dinner to come.

Dinner DJ Dining Set
DJ Dining Set

Put a new spin on dinner this evening with the Dinner DJ Dining Set. Naturally, your guests are going to get hungry during the evening’s festivities, so when dinner is ready, serve your meals on this fun turntable. Perfect for music lovers of any age, the Dinner DJ Dining Set will have you mixing, turning, and spinning your food into one tasty track before the night is through.

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