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6 Perfect Picks for National Pizza Day!

What better day can you use as an excuse to add to your pizza cutter collection than National Pizza Day! If you have an overwhelming love for everything pizza, then February 9th is about to become your favorite day of the year. From pepperoni and sausage to pineapple and plain cheese, National Pizza Day is the perfect day to annually pay tribute to the yummy, cheesy and incredible goodness that is pizza. Invite all your friends and throw a pizza party to celebrate, or put those skills to the test and cook up your own delicious pizza to commemorate this delicious day. These 6 pizza cutters will make great additions to any kitchen and are the perfect tools you’ll need to take a slice out of that celebratory pie in honor of National Pizza Day!

Fresh Slice Pizza Cutter

GMGLA0101 (2)

You can’t go wrong with the Fresh Slice Pizza Cutter this year. Made from the finest of stainless steel, those slices won’t stand a chance when this item makes an appearance. When you’re done ordering or cooking your favorite pizzas, just give those pies a nice slice with this cutter and you’ll be on your way to enjoying even more wonderfully-yummy pizza.

Pizza Boss 3000 Pizza Slicer50eacb98cb8d4-FNFPIBOSS

This is not your average pizza cutter. With the Pizza Boss 3000 Pizza Slicer, you’ll get that awesome look of a power tool without the need to even plug it in. With just one slice from this stainless blade, you’ll have perfectly-cut pieces of pizza every time. So leave those safety goggles in the garage and get your appetite ready for some power-tool pizza.

Fixie Pizza Cutter

pizza cutter

You don’t have to be a bicycle enthusiast to enjoy this Fixie Pizza Cutter. Let your fingers hop on this bike and glide right across the gooey cheese, tasty toppings, savory sauce, and crispy crust. Grab a slice and ride off with pizza joy.


Pizza Peddler Cutter
pizza peddler

Your pizza cutting just got a whole lot more fun with the Pizza Peddler Cutter. This adorable monkey is ready to wow the crowd of hungry onlookers as he slices his way through any pizza. As you cut, watch his legs move as if he is peddling himself across that cheesy pie, giving you that perfect slice of pizza every time.


Pizza Ax

Axe Pizza Cutter

Get ready to chop down your own pizza slice with this Pizza Ax. Let the lumberjack in you have some fun as you cut, hack, and slash your way through that pie. Just yell TIMBER! as that pizza slice comes tumbling down right into your happily-awaiting mouth.


Pizza Pi Cutter


Consider this math equation: The Pizza Pi Cutter plus you equals a really enjoyable pizza-slicing experience. Even if you don’t know all the digits of pi, you can still count on this mathematical gadget to give you the perfectly proportioned piece. So grab this pizza cutter and use pi to cut your pie.

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