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10 Modern Umbrellas for Winter

Sure, more showers might be in the forecast, but don’t let that make you sad. Chances are, you just weren’t carrying the right umbrella. But fortunately for you, we’ve got just the options that will make a rainy day brighter. These modern umbrellas for the fall season are ones you’ll love toting. From umbrellas with Starry Night to ones that look just like a clear blue sky, we hope you’ll fall in love with our picks. Bring on the rain!

Frank Lloyd Wright Waterlilies Umbrella

Frank Lloyd Wright Waterlilies Umbrella

If you like your umbrellas with a dash of architecture, this Frank Lloyd Wright umbrella will do just the trick. It’s decked out in Wright’s famed waterlilies so you can look gorgeous when you walk down the street in the pouring rain.

Hi-Reflective Umbrella

Hi-Reflective Umbrella

When it’s dark outside, you’ll want to be carrying this literally reflective bright umbrella around with you. It glows just like a highlighter and will keep you safe in a storm. You could get really creative with it and wear your best metallic accessories with it.

This Side Up Umbrella

This Side Up Umbrella

If you like plain umbrellas with just a hint of edge, this side up umbrella is for you. Plus, you’ll never forget how to properly hold your umbrella again. Not like you would though.

Senz Automatic Pure Black Umbrella

If you live in a city with heavy wind or rain, this umbrella is your next best friend. It’s automatic and made to withstand wind gusts up to 80 miles per hour. Whoa. Just keep that in mind next time the wine turns your umbrella inside out.

Starry Night Umbrella

Oh, how we love Vincent Van Gogh. There’s just something undeniably charming about this pattern. And we love carrying this around when the weather’s bad. Channel your inner artist when you walk around town with this Starry Night Umbrella in hand.

F*uck the Rain Umbrella

OK, so sometimes the rain just sucks. And if you want to say it in a big way—without opening your mouth—consider this umbrella with a giant middle finger on it to really show the world how you feel.

Keep Dry Umbrella

If you want to get really meta next time the rain starts to pour, reach for this pop art umbrella. It’s white with the umbrella and rain symbol on it. No one will ever question the weather forecast when this is deployed.

Mini Samurai Umbrella

Mini samurai sword umbrella

A good sensei never leaves the house without his sword. And this  samurai sword umbrella will do just the trick. Feel like a modern day samurai when you’re carrying umbrella wherever you go.

Sky Lite Umbrella

Sky Lite Umbrella

When the skies are gray and drizzly, it’s oh-so tempting to wish for blue skies. And with this sky lite umbrella, you’ll be holding them in your hand, literally. This pretty-as-a-desktop-background blue sky with white clouds will make you feel better even when it’s dark as night outside. We promise.

Color Wheel Stick Umbrella

Color Wheel Stick Umbrella

If you want to make a rainy day a little more colorful, open up this up to the sky. It’s the color wheel! We also like to think that this reminds the owner that rainbows usually follow rainstorms and that better times are ahead.

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