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Manly Gifts For The Man Cave

As simple as we men are, finding the right gifts for us can sometimes be quite the task. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve hurriedly ripped open a neatly wrapped gift only to be disappointed by new underwear. Sure I haven’t bought any new ones since last Christmas, but they only have 2 holes in them! Totally usable. Instead of going the grandma route, surprise the man or men in your life by giving them these stunning gifts to fill their man cave, or inspire them to create one.

Luchador Bottle Opener

Luchador Bottle Opener

Wrestling has always been an artistic display of manliness, like a sweaty ballet. Give him the ability to put that bottle of craft beer in a choke hold before finishing it off with a chug. With three different wrestling maneuvers available, the luchador bottle openers are unpredictable, unlike the current WWE storylines. That bottle will never know what hit it!



Make space in the beer fridge for more beer with this BottleLoft. The set will suspend a 6 pack, asserting its dominance over everything else in the fridge. Sure it will hold sodas, juices, and other unmanly things, so this would work great in the non man cave fridge as well.

Bullet Beer Glass

Bullet Beer Glass

The only beer glass that makes sense while watching Full Metal Jacket, or any other war movie for that matter. But looks aren’t all that the bullet beer glass offers, it also serves as a clear beer koozie that’ll keep their rugged calloused hand warm while simultaneously keeping the beer cold.

X-Ray Deck of Cards

X-Ray Deck of Cards

No man cave would be complete without a deck of cards. Whether it is to play Texas Hold’em, Blackjack, or King’s Cup with the bullet beer glass, playing cards are a must. The x-ray deck is made of a durable plastic that is sure to survive many years of man cave mayhem.


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