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The Purrrfect Gifts for Your Cat Loving Friends

Cats have been domesticated for over 9,000 years, which makes one wonder what did lonely hermits do before then? Unlike the dog, cats could care less whether you come home or not. They are completely fine with your laundry room smelling like…I won’t even go there. Even with the aura of pretentiousness that seems to follow them around, we humans can’t get enough of them. We are all guilty of making a night out of watching the latest cat videos, but no one is as guilty as your crazy cat lady or gent friend. Treat her – or him – with these gifts that’ll make them think of their cat even while it is busy meowing its mouth off about how old the scratch post is.

Kit-Tea Tea Infuser

Kit-Tea Kitty Infuser

There is no question about it, cats just bring joy to people wherever they are, but there are certain places you just can’t put them in. Like in scalding hot tea, prevent your friend from ending up on the 5 o’clock news and give them this awesome cat shaped tea infuser.

Kitty Kitchen Timer

Kitty Kitchen Timer

Some say Garfield uses the Kitty Kitchen Timer to make sure his lasagna comes out immaculate. If it’s good enough for that pesky cat, it is most definitely good enough for you. It times up to 60 minutes, which is just about the amount of time your cat will pay attention to you in the span of its lifetime.

Cat Lady Stickers

Cat Lady Stickers

Nothing screams “I love my family” more than car window decals, and if your family just so happens to be a clowder of cats then we have just the thing. The cat lady car stickers include 16 different cat decals, but if accumulating cats is your hobby, and we know it is, you can always buy two sets.

Zoola Cat Ring Holder

Zoola Cat Ring Holder

Where else would a crazy cat person put their wedding ring or band while scooping out the litterbox? This is of course, assuming their significant other was ever able to look past the 40 cats inside the house. Who are we kidding?! The Zoola cat ring holder will probably just end up holding their mood rings.

Stop Kitty Bottle Stopper

Let’s face it, cat lovers will have many lonely drinking nights. There really aren’t that many people that want to join in on a cat themed pajama party, there are better things to do on a Friday night. So for those times when a glass of wine is your only companion, use the kitty bottle stopper to preserve your opened bottles. Who knows? If you drink enough it just might start talking to you.


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One comment on “The Purrrfect Gifts for Your Cat Loving Friends

  1. meep380
    December 18, 2015

    Great ideas!


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