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Gifts For The Hostess With The Mostest

What would this world be without our willing host and hostess friends? Extremely dull and unexciting. Seriously, it takes a lot for someone to volunteer themselves and their homes to have a gang of rowdy hooligans come in, destroy the kitchen, add stains to the carpet, and leave without cleaning a single dish. Yet they host every event with a smile, it’s almost as if they find comfort in bringing others joy. Show you appreciate them with these useful, and quirky gifts to make their next gathering a hit.

Blind Wine Tasting Kit

Blind Wine Tasting Kit

Why go to a hoity toity winery or a wine bar to do some wine tasting? Become the talk of the town with this blind wine tasting kit. With its 8 wine bottle pouches, it is sure to keep your guests entertained for hours. Make a game out of it, and have them tally their scores. Loser chugs the remainder of all the bottles…or would that be considered winning?

Oliver-Tidbit Bowl

Oliver-Tidbit Bowl

Why would you serve olives? I mean! Why would you serve olives in a boring old bowl? These delectable delicacies deserve to be displayed in style. The Oliver bowl does just that, and its trunk serves as a trash chute to dispose of the olive pits.

Scrabble Coasters

Scrabble coasters

We know those wordsmith friends of yours get your head boiling with their masterful use of consonants, but you have to admit they have advanced your vocabulary. Even if you still don’t know how to pronounce “MUZJIKS,” or what it means. These Scrabble coasters are made of a durable cardboard, and come with 2 sets of alphabets so they will last a long time.

Wine Glass Writers

Wine Glass Writers

These non toxic markers will take the guessing out of drinking. Giving you and your guests more time to discuss the latest Kardashian drama. Best part is they come in 3 different colors to mix things up at your mixer.

LED String Lights

Copper Wire LED String Lights LED Copper String Lights

We have come a long way since man first discovered fire. From torches, life sucking office fluorescent lighting, and now tiny tiny LED string lights, our pioneering spirit shines on! These LED string lights will keep the ambiance warm, and light your guest’s drunkenly footsteps. And with different settings, including a strobe and fading option, you too can host your very own mini rave.

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