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Gifts For The Dreaded Office Party

Love them or hate them, we are stuck with our coworkers for the better part of our life. In fact, we spend an average of 92,120 hours of our lives working. That’s a lot of hours! Show them you care (or don’t) with these nifty gifts for their cubicle.

Stress Busters

Stress busters

Work can be tough for all of us, and stress balls don’t ever seem to cut it. Take out all your inner rage on this stress buster, and while you’re at it, ditch the gym membership. This will get you ripped in no time.

Cork Board Cactus

Corkboard cactus

Some of us aren’t blessed with green thumbs, in fact, some of us can’t even make a succulent survive. If you are like me, meaning you can neglect a rock to death, then this cork board cactus will be a godsend. Guaranteed to be a handy reminder, and never die on you!


Ick Mug

The perfect solution to your icky boss. Just be sure to have your desk packed and ready before giving the Ick mug to him. Don’t worry, you can always try freelancing!

Genius Paperclip Holder

Genius Paperclip Holder

Show off your affinity for great scientific minds with the Genius paperclip holder. Just be sure to study up on magnetic fields in case your coworkers decide to test your knowledge.

Nifty Notes: Passive Aggressive

Passive Aggressive Note

Finally a way to convey your distaste with the option of remaining anonymous, but if you want to make it known, then go ahead and sign your name. From messy coworkers to poor parking jobs, this passive aggressive note has it all. No need to feel guilty over filling these out, the “Kisses and Hugs” at the bottom softens the blow.

Medieval Weapon Pushpins

Medieval Weapon Pushpins

No other pushpin can make you feel like a lamer version of Richard the Lionheart at the office. Siege your appointments, and wage war on disorganization with these medieval weapon pushpins.

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