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Top 6 Gifts For A Home Bar

We all have that friend that has it all. Fancy car, fancier car, gargantuan home, and even a mini bar to remind you they are better than you every time you visit them. As much as we resent them, it is the holiday season so we need to give them somethin. Here is a list of gifts to give their already well stocked home bar a boost.

Mason Shaker Set

Mason Shaker Set

Everyone knows that using mason jars is an instant bump up the social ladder, and shaking drinks adds legitimacy to the drink itself, even with the occasional mess. This barware set offers a jar, and lends a helping hand by providing a ‘shake’ book that’ll have you tending the hottest nightclubs in no time.

Venus DeWino

Venus De Wino

Don’t let your vintage Charles Shaw go to waste, $2.50 is hard to come by nowadays. Preserve its taste, and enhance the bottle’s class with the Venus DeWino wine stopper. You can also tell your friends you found this relic during an archeological trip to Rome.

Cognac Glasses

Cognac glasses

You don’t need to be a critically acclaimed rapper to pass the Courvoisier, but the last thing you want to do is serve it in plastic tumblers. Instead, go ahead and summon your inner rapper with this set of cognac glasses.

Wine Carafe

Glass Wine Preserver

Wine drinking 101 states that wine should not be poured directly from its bottle into the wine glass. Avoid looking like the wino down the street, and start using the glass wine carafe all the while preserving your wine.

Aged Spirits Kit

Barrel Aged Spirits Kit

Whisky is one of those love it or hate it type drinks, but prefacing it with ‘homemade’ immediately makes it palatable. Showoff your vast knowledge of spirits – and we don’t mean the Miss Cleo type – with the barrel aged spirits kit.  Change anye cocktail’s character and flavor, by mellowing sharper flavors in the same way wines and distilled spirits are aged. Rather than waiting months for an aged spirit this kit helps age your favorite cocktail in a small batch within two weeks.

Das Boot

Das Boot

Once your parents have left the party, and the children are sound asleep, whip out the das boot glass and bring out the frat boy in everyone. With its 1L capacity, it is sure to turn your home into an animal house.

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