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Perfect Gifts for the Vinyl Lovers in Your Life

One of the hottest trends du jour? Why vinyl, of course. We’re betting that you know someone who owns a handsome collection of records. They do look great in photos, and most will argue that vinyl sounds a lot better than a Spotify playlist. If you’re searching for perfect gifts for the vinyl aficionado in your life, these will do the trick. Now, fire up that record player!

Fresh Slice Pizza Cutter

Fresh slice pizza cutter

Who doesn’t like pizza? Not us! Use this fresh slice pizza cutter to cut the perfect slice. Shaped like a tone-arm and vinyl record, any vinyl enthusiast will appreciate this gift!


Record Coasters

45 Record Coasters

Next time you’re searching for a way to keep those water stains at bay from your credenza, reach for these 45 record coasters. Use these when enjoying your favorite drink with your favorite record playing. Perfect for parties or daily use.

Record Placemats

Record placemats

The perfect accessory for you daily dinner or that next vintage party you’re throwing. These record placemats make an excellent addition to any vinyl lover’s kitchen.


Black Notebook Turntable

Turntable Notebook


So this turntable notebook doesn’t function as a real turntable but any vinyl lover will appreciate the way this is designed. Use it to write lyrics or just scribble doodles. Either way, it will spruce up your boring old drawer of notebooks. Plus, it secretly  doubles as a CD holder, just don’t tell your vinyl loving friends this or they might cringe.


Spin Clean Record Washer System


spin clean record washer system

You’ll never spend a ton of time cleaning records again. This washer system is the perfect way to get records squeaky clean. Best of all, it’s a breeze to use and doesn’t cost a fortune. Perfect for someone with a large record stash just getting back into their dusty collection.


Dinner DJ Dining Set

dinner dj dining set

Perfect for the vinyl loving parent. Kids will love using this set during dinner. You can make it fun by allowing them to pretend their spinning tracks just like Calvin Harris! Enjoy the tunes and food.

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