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8 Smart Gift Ideas for Bookworms

You probably know at least one book lover in your life, and these gifts are perfect for them. From bookmarks to lights and shelves, we’ve got the goods to make the book lover in your life very happy. Read on!

Sprout Bookmarks

Sprout bookmarks

Let your garden grow with this adorable leaf bookmark. Give it to the book-loving gardener in your life or just someone who admires the great outdoors. We’re sure you know at least one person who falls into one of those categories.


Frank Lloyd Wright Lawrence Bookmark

MOMA Frank Lloyd Wright Bookmark

Inspired by noted architect Wright’s Susan Lawrence Dana House in Springfield, Illinois, you’ll want to give this artistic bookmark to the architecture lover or design aficionado in your life.


Tiny Tim Book Light

Tiny Tim Book Light

I’m sure you know someone who stays up under the covers reading with a flashlight. If you know that person or are that person, buy them this tiny red light to give them an upgrade. After all, you shouldn’t waste your flashlight batteries. And this red one is way cuter than a flashlight.


UltraThin Book Light


mighty bright book light

This sleek and bright book light is the perfect gadget you can slip into your workbag—without worrying about it looking too cutesy—and not mind when people see it. It’s ideal for the quiet, low-key book lovers in your life


Invisible Book Shelf

invisible book shelf

If you don’t have a ton of room, these conceal book shelves by Umbra will be perfect for your tall book collection. Simply install and then stack those titles high. Plus, this would look pretty good on most walls, in our oh-so humble opinions.


Stickmen Bookends

stickmen bookends

Ditch those boring bookends for these stick men bookends ones. You’ll get a kick (ha!) out of these ones, which look like the figures are fighting. Who said books were boring, anyway? Not us!


Toy Soldier Bookends

toy soldier bookends

Little boys or toy collectors will love these cute bookends that are in the shape of toy soldiers. Maybe get creative and give these to the military history buff in your life. The choice is yours.


Evolution Bookends

Evolution bookeknds

Oh, if only Darwin could see how bookends have evolved over the years. We’re sure he would definitely be impressed with these evolution bookends. Maybe place your copy of The Origin of Species here. Or books that have been with you since you were small. They’ll show you just how much you’ve evolved. Ha!

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