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Cozy Mugs for Fall

Now that the weather is crisper, it’s time to break out the hot cider, coffee and tea. And you’ll want a cozy mug to drink it out off. Lucky for you, we’ve got just the perfect cozy mugs for fall drinks. From Van Gogh’s Starry Night to one printed with Beatles lyrics, you’ll get a kick out of these hip mugs that will make your mornings that much better.

Starry Night Mug

Art lovers will love this Van Gogh mug. It’s emblazoned with a picture of Starry Night—one of our favorite (and not to mention gorgeous) paintings of all time. Sipping your morning beverage out of this will make your mornings that much dreamier.

Fox Mugtail

Kinto Fox Mugtail

This gorgeous fox tail mug is downright dreamy. Use it for your morning cup of java or as a candleholder. Either way, this will be a beautiful addition to your mug or candle collection.

Beatles Cup & Saucer

We’ve got the Beatles albums on constant rotation. And these Beatles mugs are the perfect complement to some gentle morning tunes. You’ll love listening to “All You Need is Love” and “It’s Been a Hard Day’s Night” as you sip a warm beverage from a cup with your favorite Beatles lyrics and a saucer that’s shaped like a vinyl record.

Knitted Mug

Knitted Mug
There really is nothing better than slipping into a cozy sweater on a cold, is there? That’s why this knitted mug will be the perfect addition to your mug closet. It will keep your fingers and beverage warm. Sounds like the beginning of a perfect fall day to us. You should consider buying a matching sweater.

Totem Cup Set

Totem Cups

For unique décor and some great mugs, we’d suggest these totem mugs. Drink out of one or all four and then stack ‘em high when you’re not using them. These are perfect for those who don’t have a ton of storage space. Cheers!

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