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The Best Tools for Every Thanksgiving Recipe

It’s almost Thanksgiving! It’s time to get our homes ready for our incoming friends and family and prep our delicious Thanksgiving feasts! Planning a meal of these proportions can be a daunting task – but not when you have all the right tools!  Treat your self to the perfect kitchen tools to plan the best Thanksgiving feast and make cooking a breeze!

Thanksgiving Recipes- Gif


Rolling Palm Herb Mincer

Palm Rolling Herb Mincer

For an amazing herb roasted turkey as the center piece of your feast, like this Roasted Turkey with Rosemary and Lemon you definitely this Palm Herb Mincer.  Simply slide your middle finger into the ring slot and it’s thyme to roll! The palm mincer makes quick work of any herbs that you dice without bruising or crushing them. Quickly add a myriad of fresh herbs to any dish with the rolling mincer. Clean up is a cinch as well. Press the button on top of the Herb Mincer and the bottom detaches and is ready for a rinse. Herbs are a must for turkey rubs, check out our tips for preparing and brining a turkey.

ZestN’est Hand Held Zester

Thanksgiving Recipes - Hand Held Lemon Zester

You can also make this turkey delicious with this ZestN’est Hand Held Zester, you can now zest citrus whenever you need; easily and safely! This yellow ZestNest zests and nests up to 1/2-cup of your favorite citrus fruit. It even includes an easy snap cover for storing zest in the refrigerator. Simply add to almost any of your dishes for a colorful and sunny addition. Possibilities are yours to discover with the ZestN’est Hand Held Zester. Lemon zest is a addition to stuffing, check out this flavorful Lemon and Herb stuffing.

Lemon and Herb Stuffing by BBC Food

Adjustable Pie Crust Shield

Thanksgiving Recipes - Adjustable Pie Shield

Thanksgiving, for me, is all the pie. Shake up your pie game from the standard options with this Deep Dish Strawberry Rhubarb Pie or The Mountain Rose Apple Pie. But whatever fillings you choose, pie is all about the pie crust. Kick that aluminum foil to the curb and break out your Pie Crust Shield by Talisman Designs! This silicone pie shield adjusts to a diameter of 11.5″ and is the crust shield of culinary champs!  Never suffer a daunting pie mishap again and take your rightful place as the pie champion you are!

Mountain Rose Apple Pie by Food & Wine

Cherry Chomper

Thanksgiving Recipes - Cherry Chomper

If you need one more pie (and, let’s face it, who would say no to more pie??) you can try this delicious Cherry Pie. But who has time to pit all of those cherries? Welcome our latest kitchen gadget, the Cherry Chomper by Talisman Designs.  Super safe for kids, you can use this tools to make pie baking a family affair. Simply place your cherry in his mouth, press down, and a plunger forces the unwanted pits into a collection tube. Cherry Chomper is great for cooking, cocktails, and chefs and everything in between.

Cherry Pie by Food Network

Cherry Pie by Food Network


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