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Celebrate National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and that means that your home is about to be full of people and your fridge full of food. This is the perfect time to tackle one of the not so fun cleaning tasks – cleaning out your fridge. You can motivate yourself by thinking of all the nummy leftovers you’ll have room for now! You can also motivate yourself with lots of fun toys to make cleaning more fun and less of a chore!

Clean Out Your Refriderator Day

Compost Bin

Clean Out Your Refridgerator Day - Compost Bin

First things first – throw it all away. Ok, not all of it. But this is a wonderful time to reach all the way to the back of the fridge and find everything you forgot back there. The EcoCrock Compost Bin is a countertop compost pile that doesn’t smell (thanks to the charcoal filter), or look bad (it’s actually quite stylish). Use it for your cleaning endeavor and keep it around next to your cutting boards to hold all the scraps you make while prepping your Thanksgiving feast.This countertop compost bin is the first step into responsible recycling. “To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Fridge Organizer

fridge organizer

Admit it: do you actually think you’ll remember when that meat in the freezer will expire? Probably not. That’s why there’s this super-nifty Fridge Organizer with a mini dry erase organizer to make your life easier. Use this to plan all your shopping for your Thanksgiving recipes and also as a personal calendar and organizer! Just stick this onto the fridge and keep reminders on any one of the four magnetic calendars and when you’re done, just wipe the Fridge Organizer clean and use the included magnetic dry erase marker to begin next week’s, month’s or year’s list!

Bottle Loft

Clean Out Your Refridgerator Day - Bottle Loft

With your relative in bound, you’re sure to be stocking up a lot of beverages – Soda pop, juice, and beer bottles can now defy gravity in your refrigerator! With bottleLoft, bottles do not have to give you a hard time anymore, taking up all the good space, but can hang magnetically above all else. One magnetic strip can hold three bottles, and securely hang using strong 3m VHB adhesives. Fill your fridge with as many bottled beverages as you need and still have room for everything else you need!

Happy Jackson Snack Boxes

Happy Jackson Snack Boxes

Once Thanksgiving has passed, you’ll have all sorts of leftovers and snacks to portion out. Pack up some snackage and beat the allure of the vending machines with the Happy Jackson Snack Boxes. They are a wonderful alternative to the drive thru or office sweets. Each nesting Snack Box can easily help with portion control, as well as your wallet!

Flavor Savers

flavor savers mustache bag clips

There’s really nothing cooler right now than mustaches. Seriously. Spend less than five min on google and you’ll see mustaches everywhere so why should our chip bags be left out of the fun? Flavor savers bag clips not only look cool and sophisticated, it actually functions pretty darn well! With a set of four colors to choose from, you can stroke your beard or mustache and wonder, which fresh and crispy snack shall I have today? Because these Flavor savers do just that: save the flavor!

Fridge Lid Leftover Saver

Fridge Lid While you clean out your fridge, I’m sure you’ll find some things you wish you didn’t. Saving leftovers is economical, however sometimes thing spoil before you can finish them off. Ditch the stained tupperware for a Fridge Lid Leftover Saver. Store those lemons, onions, and stinky cheeses under a cute knit cap and keep the odors at bay! The possibilities are endless once you trap food under the Fridge Lid Leftover Saver.

Herbsicle Frozen Herb Keeper 

Clean Out Your Refridgerator Day - Herb Keeper

Do you desire fresh basil when the only herb you can find is parsley? Is your rosemary growing but all you want is thyme? Never want for fresh herbs again with this Herbsicle Frozen Herb Keeper by Chef’n. Simply place the desired herb in your Herbsicle Keeper, toss it in the freezer, and enjoy fresh herbs any time you want with just a twist. Add to the pan for the perfect sauté or top any literally any dish with the perfect garnish.

 All-Out-Of Refrigerator Pad with Magnet

All Out Of Magnet Pad

No more excuses for not grocery shopping like an adult! When you throw away older items while cleaning out your shelves, make sure to check them off so you can replace them and with this magnetic grocery list , you can check off when you need to buy the minute you run out of it!

Will you be partaking in National Clean Out You Refrigerator Day? Let us know what products you used in the comments!

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