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Put Down Your Steak Knives, and Celebrate World Vegan Month!

Believe it or not, November is World Vegan Month, and November 3rd was National Vegan Day. Unfortunately we were too busy consuming an unsafe amount of flesh that day, so weren’t able to post anything regarding it. Now that we have come down from our carnivorous high, we are able to present you readers with some nice Vegan friendly gift ideas you can give to your herbivore friends during this gluttonous turkey ingesting month of thanks.

SpiceCube Herb Freezer Tray

We have all been there; we buy a bunch of fresh herbs for one dish, and are left over with what seems to be a 100 acre plantation of the stuff.Spice Cube Herb Freezer Tray

Instead of having it turn into that nice coffee-colored smudge we have grown to reluctantly tolerate, your friends can use the nifty SpiceCube Herb Freezer Tray to freeze, and store the remaining herbs. It would make a perfect addition to any kitchen. Vegan and carnivore alike.

Salad Plant

What would a weekly meal plan be without a nice fresh salad? Amazing! I’m kidding; the salad is a staple of human survival. I mean vegetables were important enough for the Egyptians to put them in the second tier of the Food Pyramid, but of course they stored the grains on the first and most important tier…we’re looking at you Ben Carson.

The Salad Plant by Black + Blum is guaranteed to make any salad mixing and serving duties a breeze, and when that’s done it fits into its own vase; making you or your friend look like quite the horticulturist.

Eco Deluxe Salad Bowl

After eating a homemade salad, and while their stomach is still yearning for more food, your friend will be left with a strange dilemma. Some might describe it as Limbo, others as Purgatory; it’s far worse than either of those, it is the confusing state of not knowing how or where to store the remaining leftovers.Eco Deluxe Salad Bowl

Fear not! Reduce the amount of existential questions floating around their heads with the Eco Deluxe Salad Bowl. The bowl is perfect for storing lunch salads; it even comes with a smaller container for any dressings, and a reusable plastic spork. Once they are done, this collapsible bowl reduces to half its size. Perfect for transporting from work to home, and back again.

Garlic Twist 3G

Everyone knows that garlic is up there with the dog in terms of being man’s best friend. I mean, we have been using the little guys for over 7,000 years. From medicinal purposes to culinary wonder onion, garlic never lets you down, unless of course you happen to have a date later on.Garlic Twist Mincer 3G

Grace your vegan friend’s bland…I mean deliciously complex dishes with this handy garlic mincer, it comes in a variety of colors, is strong enough to mince nuts, and is a breeze to clean.

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