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Use These Groovy Accessories to Throw a Radical 70s Party

dance floor

Who doesn’t love a decades party? You dress up in some vintage clothing, rock some dreadfully outdated hairstyle and party. It’s always fun. One of our favorite decades? The 70s. From disco balls to bell bottoms, there’s plenty to cherish about this beloved decade. Use these décor items to really help you celebrate!

The Disco Ball

Disco Ball Twin Mirror Lamp

Nothing screams 70s quite like an old fashioned disco ball. This modernized disco ball includes LED lights to ensure any room turns into a groovy dance floor. Turn them on and let the party begin.

Record Placemats

Record PlacematsAlbums are making a comeback. But any music buff knows that the original use of old fashioned albums can be traced back to the 60s and 70s. These placemats will remind your guests of that without you having to shell out for a turn table and a bunch of albums. Sounds like a great deal to us.

Hi Times Coasters

High Times Coastesr

The 70s and pot go together like Shaggy and Scooby.  You’ll love these green and groovy coasters that will keep your tables water-ring free and can even hold a spliff or two.

Zen Dipping Bowl

Zen Dipping Bowl

The yin and yang will always be a symbol of this decade. Why not make it a symbol of deliciousness too? We love pouring olive oil and vinegar in each of these separate compartments to make one rad looking display. Your bread and your eyes will love this yin-yang shaped dipping bowl.


Boogie Bites Party Picks

Boogie Bites Party Picks

If you’re having a party, you’ve got to have hor d’ourves. And what better way to serve them than on these dancer-shaped picks? They’re fun, and will remind you to “Get Down, Get Down.” Click the link for the happening song.


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