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5 Unique Tea Infusers for Fall

There are few things that we love more than hot tea on a cold fall day. It warms you from the inside out and makes you feel great. The only thing better than that first cup of the day? Why, a cute infuser, of course. These five unique tea infusers for fall are guaranteed to make you smile just that much more. From one shaped like a sword to one that looks like a cute smiling manatee, these will make brewing that first cup a pure delight. Here’s to tea!

Mister Tea Infuser

 Mister Tea Infuser

You’ll love this cute little man shaped tea infuser. Fill his trousers with loose leaf tea, put this pants on (he, he), submerge in hot water and then enjoy. Just be sure to keep yourself out of hot water.


Manatea Infuser

Manatea infuser

Manatees can be adorable. And this manatea infuser proves it. Put this smiling guy in hot water and wait for your tasty tea to be made. We can’t get enough of his smiling face, and we don’t think you’ll be able to either.


Strong Brew Sword Tea Infuser

Strong Brew Sword Infuser

Game of Thrones fans will love this sword shaped infuser. Dip in hot water and wait for your tea, my lady. Just imagine a knight or a fair lady is pouring some for you.


Mr. P Tea Filter

Propaganda Mr. P Tea Infuser

We’re big fans of Propaganda design and the Mr. P. tea infuser is cute, with just the right amount of dirty. Hang this guy on your cup and let the infuser dangle in the water. A nice giggle to go along with your morning cup.


Babushka Tea Infuser

Babushka Tea Infuser

Russian nesting dolls go great with tea and crumpets. Submerge this beautiful babushka tea infuser and wait for your next pretty cup of tea. Preferably served with cookies, of course.

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