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October is National Cookie Month!

Cookies. We can’t think of a food item that’s more universally beloved. I mean, just ask Cookie Monster. Which is exactly we’re stoked that this entire month is dedicated to the subject. Use these adorable cookie cutters and stampers to help you celebrate national cookie month. All that’s left for you to do is enjoy and supply the milk. Here’s to cookies!

Baking With My Homies Cookie Cutters

baking with my homies

Like many desserts, cookies are thought of as being a soft item. But these rapper shaped cookie cutters put a stop to that. Oh, sure your cookies will be gooey, chewy and delicious—but these rappers will adorn them with hard style. Feel free to spin some N.W.A or Biggie when you bring these out. The rappers would have wanted it that way.

Baking With My Homies Cookie Cutters $10.95


Cookie Stampers

Suck UK cookie stamper

If you’re short on time, but still want to create some cookies with attitude, may we suggest these cookie stampers? Each one comes with its own slogan like Eat Me, I Love You and Home Made. We’re betting you can think of one special person in your life you’d like to say those things to.

Suck UK Cookie Stampers $13.95


Dig Ins Cookie Cutter 

Fossil Dig Ins Cookie Cutters

Dinosaurs! We wanted to start like that because that’s how we feel about these cookie cutters. Excited. Your kids, or maybe just adults with young spirits, will love these dinosaur fossil shaped cookie molds. You could even make the cookies challenge each other to a fight. Haven’t you always wanted to know who would win a fight between a Tyrannosaurus, a Stegosaurus, and a Triceratops? Well, now you can find out! But careful, by the time these cookies come out of the oven they might all be extinct!

Dig Ins Dinosaur Cookie Cutters $9.95


Space Rocket Cookie Cutter  

3D space rocket cookie cutter

Round cookies sure do taste great, but these 3D space ship cookies will taste even better. Plus, you’ll love making these almost as much as you love eating them. Kids or people who have just seen The Martian will love these. And really, what more could you ask for? Here’s to cookies!

3D Space Rocket Cookie Cutters $7.95

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