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10 Decoration Ideas for a Halloween Party

Here at 2Shopper, few holidays excite us more than Halloween. There’s candy, everyone dresses up and let’s not forget the parties. If you’re planning on throwing one, we’ve got some really fun decorations for a Halloween party. From pretty spooky lights to neat cookie cutters, these cute decorations are sure to make your party the best one in town. Trick or treat!

Fairy Berries

These fairy berry lights are just perfect for your swinging Halloween party. String them up indoors or outdoors and watch them light up whatever room they’re in. Place them inside vases, cauldrons or bowls in the dark to create a glowing atmosphere.

fairy berries lights

You can even float them in a punch bowl since they are waterproof! Available in over 10 different colors, we suggest using these in red, orange, yellow, purple and green to create a magical environment, with just the right amount of spookiness.

fairy berries

Fairy Berry LED Lights $16.95

4-in-1 Faux Cauldron Flame

Every witch needs a cauldron. And this faux fire flame cauldron is perfect, especially if you have kids. It’s safe, looks great and will be a great addition to your hip Halloween party. This cauldron can be used in four different ways: can be held like a torch or wall-mounted; can be hung by a chain or detached and placed on a table. Use this multi-functional cauldron for decor, events, parties and more.

fortune flame torch

4-in-1 Faux Flame Cauldron $23.95

Emergency Outfits

If your guests come to your party sans custom, bring the costumes to them. These spooky emergency costumes are your perfect instant fix. Have your guests be a werewolf, skeleton or even a vampire within seconds. Either way, anyone who shows up will be dressed up. Includes 5 one size fits all disposable outfits.

Spinning Hat Emergency Outfits $6.95


Pumpkin Keg Tap Kit

Use this DIY keg tap kit to create some amazing concoctions, whether alcoholic or non, this tap will keep your beverages carbonated and give your bar a cool look at the same time. Try out some great drink recipes to put in your pumpkin keg like a harvest sangria or this dark and spooky beer cocktail made with ginger beer and dark rum. For a family-friendly drink try out this ghoul-aid punch.

Pumpkin Keg Tapping Kit

Pumpkin Keg Tapping Kit $20.95

Undead Fred Cookie Cutters

This is a fact: every Halloween party needs some cookies. And we can’t think of a better mold than these zombie shaped cookie cutters. Bake these and then show these zombies just what you’re made up when you bite their heads off. Yum.

undead fred

Undead Fred Cookie Cutters by FRED $9.95

Sugar Fix Candy Capsule

Let’s face it: we could all use a sugar fix every now and then. Next time someone challenges that opinion, you can use this pill shaped candy jar to remind you that sugar is the best medicine, for you. Perfect for stocking up on all your favorite Halloween treats.

sugar fix candy capsule

Sugar Fix Candy Capsule $21.95

The Ex-Skewer Set

This is called the ex-skewer set for a reason: you can safely stab this one. Even if you don’t have a recent ex on your hands, it’s the perfect piece for your Halloween dinner table. Fill the dish with fun treats like these mozarella cheese eyeballs or these zombie pigs in a blanket.

ex skewer set

The Ex-Skewer Set $99.95


Zombie Ice Cube Tray 3D 

Is that a hand in your drink? Why yes, it is. A hand made out of ice. This 3D zombie ice cube mold is the perfect finishing touch to your pitcher of Brew Ha-Ha or that tasty bowl of Eyeball Punch. And you can ask everyone if they need a hand, and then literally give them a frozen one. Ha! Ha!

zombie hand 3d ice cube mold

Zombie 3D Ice Mold $11.95

Food Zombies Party Picks

Every meatball deserves a zombie party pick. It will make eating them more fun. Plus, you can’t have a Halloween party without zombies. Not on our watch. Try these picks with some fun Halloween appetizers like these creepy eyeball meatballs or this spooky antipasta.

zombie party picks

Zombie Party Picks $10.95


Brainfreeze Skull Ice Bucket

You’ll want to have a great ice bucket for your guests. They’ll need to keep their drinks cold. And this skull ice bucket is just perfect. And this one is just perfect. Add dry ice for an even spookier look!

brainfreeze skull ice bucket

Brainfreeze Skull Ice Bucket $25.95


Here’s to candy corn, zombies and our favorite holiday, Halloween!

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