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Here’s How You Can Celebrate Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is here! We’re sure you’re excited about one of the best drinking holidays of year. We’ve got everything from glasses to foamers to help you enjoy fall’s best holiday. So grab your beer and lederhosen and get ready to get down!

Menu Beer Foamer


Menu Beer Foamer

Does your beer ever fall flat and need an extra boost? Or perhaps the pour out of the bottle didn’t come out as expected? (Always tilt the glass at 45 degrees!)

Well now you can create instant foam and add that flavor back in your beer with with this sleek-looking gadget, the Beer Foamer by Menu. Simply add 1/4″-1/2″ of beer, turn it on and pour the foam straight into your glass!


Menu Beer Foamer Demonstration


WineStein Stemware Mug

Fred Winestein Mug

Enjoy the spirit of Oktoberfest at your own pace with this Winestein Mug by Fred & Friends. This functional mug, that doubles as a beer glass and wine glass, is great for light drinkers who want to partake in the spirit of Oktoberfest without the morning hangover.


Mini Cocktail ShotsDci Mini Cokctail Glasses Set

Sometimes you just want to take shots. And that’s okay because with this shot glass set you get a tiny Das Boot! Perfect for drinking games, you can shoot martinis, wine, beer or enjoy a lowball glass in disguise with these adorable mini cocktail shot glasses. As Ron Burgundy would say, keep it classy.


Beer Tasting SetBeer Tasting Glasses


If it’s time to ditch the red solo cups this Oktoberfest and invest in a great set of formal beer glasses, and this beer tasting set is a great start. This starter kit includes 6 types of drinking glasses, 6 coasters and a beer tasting guide with interesting facts about each beer style so you can dive right in and let the drinking begin. Whether a novice or advanced drinker, you’re bound to learn something new with this versatile beer tasting set.

To learn more about German beers and styles check out this fun guide by Tasty Eats. Happy Oktoberfest! Prost!



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