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Fall is Here! Celebrate With These Inspiring Decoration Ideas

Fall is officially here. Order those pumpkin spice lattes, slip on a sweater and get ready to see some foliage. Autumn is one of our favorite seasons, and these items will help you get in the swing of things. From leaf-shaped door stoppers to tea infusers, we hope you’ll make the most of all with these gifts.

Loose Leaf Doorstopper

Loose Leaf Door Stopper

Even if you live in an area that doesn’t see a ton of foliage, you can still pretend like you do with these inventive leaf shaped door stoppers. They’re shaped just like leaves and are a colorful way to hold the door open. These are way cuter than the typical springy ones you see. We just made a seasons joke.

Orinthology Dinner Plates Set

Thomas Paul Ornithology Bird Plates

We don’t know about you, but these multi-colored bird plates remind us of the colors of all. Serve these alongside your favorite pumpkin dish. We’re big fans of pie. Will you cut us a slice?

Sticks 5 Hook Wall Rack

Umbra Sticks Coat Rack

Fall makes us think of trees. And what do trees have (besides leafs?), sticks! And we love this coat rack holder that resembles sticks. Have your guests take off their coats and hang them here. This will really come in handy as the temperatures drop.

Tea Leaf Tea Infuser

Tea Leaf Tea Infuser

Nothing warms us up faster on a crisp fall day than some tea. If you have some loose leaf tea, simply put it inside one of these “plants,” submerge and then viola! You’ve got some tea you made in a very cute infuser, if we do say so ourselves.

Santa Fe Colored Leaves & Driftwood Wind Chime

Santa Fe Colored Leaves Wind Chime

After all the leafs have fallen, you’ll still want to remember just how pretty this season really is. And for that, there’s these wind chimes. Handmade in Bali, this colorful set will blow wherever the wind goes and remind you of the beauty of the season. We can’t think of a better gift than that.

Dropit Hooks

Dropit Rain Hooks Normann Copenhagen

Fall does sadly (sniff, sniff) sometimes bring rain along with it. To combat the dreariness, we’d suggest this adorable raindrop-shaped hook hangers by Normann Copenhagen. Hang your umbrellas here. When have to reach for it, it will cheer you up. We promise.

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