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It be Talk Like a Pirate Day, Mateys!

Ahoy, ye scallywags and wenches! September 19th be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! In the early summer of 1995, two guys named today Talk Like a Pirate Day… and promptly (mostly) forgot all about it until their unofficial-and-then-suddenly-official spokesman Dave Barry mentioned it in one of his many laugh-out-loud widely syndicated newspaper columns in 2002.

A Pirate

“A Pirate” by Sergey Samuilov. Tricorner hats all around!

So! How will you celebrate? Of course, start by talking like a pirate! Check out some of these piratey drinks or learn more about the Golden Age of Piracy. Have a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon! Honestly, if you can think about it in pirate, you’ve found a way to celebrate! You can even change your Facebook language. (Yes, really. Arrr!)

to ARR is pirate

“To err is human… to ARR is pirate!”

The doughnut giant Krispy Kreme is giving away free pirate doughnuts (while supplies last, of course, and only at “participating” locations, whatever that really means) if you come into their store dressed as a pirate and/or talk like one! There are even some really bad piratey pick-up lines floating around the internet, so you can find your perfect shipmate. (Sorry! Talk Like a Pirate Day is just asking for puns and double entendre, right? Riiiiiight?)

Anne Bonny

Anne Bonny was and is still one of the most famous woman pirates ever to live.

A note of caution before walking the plank to meet Davey Jones, though… I’m almost 100% certain that actual piracy in honor of the holiday is frowned upon, whether you take that to mean media piracy or criminal activities at sea. It could, after all, land you in jail—or, at least, the brig. While I admire the commitment to the spirit of the day, Talk Like a Pirate Day is a parody holiday, meaning it’s meant to be fun, not promote criminal behavior. Now, that being said: head over to the English-to-Pirate translator and get ready for some heave-ho!

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