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Pirate Booty and Goodies for Talk Like a Pirate Day

Out of all our favorite wacky holidays (and believe us, we’ve got a bunch), Talk Like a Pirate Day holds a special place in our hearts. What other day of the year is it perfectly acceptable for you to talk like a pirate? Not nearly enough. But these items will help get more in the spirit, matie. From pirate car stickers to a pirate bottle opener, these will help you celebrate talk like a pirate day faster than you can say “arghhh.”

Funny Side Up Skull Egg Corral

Fred Skull Mold

Eggs will never be the same with this handy skull mold. Plop two eggs in a pan, cook and then add this mold for a fun and ferocious plate of eggs. You can also use this mold for pancakes so you can serve up a delicious breakfast any buccaneer would enjoy.

Skull Egg Mold by Fred $9.95

Pirate Car Stickers

Pirate Car Stickers

Those plain family car stickers on each and every van are a bit cliché. But if you’re still in love with the idea, and want to make it more fun, try these pirate family car stickers. They’re more fun and your kids will love them!

Pirate Family Car Stickers $7.95

Pirate Bottle Opener

Pirate Bottle Opener

We’re in love with this multi-functional pirate bottle opener. We’re serious. This waiter corkscrew features a peg leg corkscrew, easy-open lever, foil-cutter and beer bottle opener. The perfect tool for a sommelier or a pirate looking to open up a bottle of grog.

Pirate Bottle Opener $14.95

Bone Chillers Ice Cube Tray 

Bone Chillers Skull Ice Cube Tray

Ditch the regular boring ice cubes for this skull and crossbones ice tray. You’ll be glad you did. We’d recommend putting these in a glass of rum or rum-based drink to be extra festive. Not sure which drinks to make? Check out this list of 5 Essential Rum Cocktails. You can even use this mold to make candies or make chocolates for some fun treats. After a few of these, you’ll be singing “yo ho, ho and a bottle of…” you know how this goes.

Bone Chillers Ice Tray by Fred $5.95

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