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Celebrate National Punctuation Day With These Gifts

Love it or hate, punctuation is something that you have to live with it. If you’re one of the few people on the planet who love punctuation or know someone who is, these are for you. From letter press magnets to Scrabble coasters, here’s to punctuation!


Wild & Wolf Letter Press Magnets

Wild & Wolf Letter Press Magnets

Every word nerd will fall in love with these letterpress magnets. For starters, they’re gorgeous. And you can use them to spell grammatically correct sentences. If you want to trip up your word-loving friend, try scrambling the letters to see if they notice.

Letter Press Magnets by Wild & Wolf $13.95


Alphabet Sticky Notes

Alphabet Sticky Notes

Square sticky notes tend to get a bit boring. That’s where these alphabet sticky notes come into play. Use them to spell out whatever’s one your mind. Even if it’s just, “work.”

Alphabet Sticky Notes by Suck UK $5.95


Scrabble Coasters

Scrabble Coasters

Just about every punctuation-savvy individual loves Scrabble.  Use these scrabble coasters to make words. If you’re so inclined, feel free to rack up the most points. Get meta and use these during a game of Scrabble. It’s very clever, if we may say so ourselves.

Scrabble Coasters $21.95


Scrabble Tile Mug

Scrabble Tile Mug

The only thing better than actually Scrabble? This Scrabble mug. Sip your coffee out of it as you stay up late playing your next game.

Scrabble Tile Mug $16.95


Alphabet Magnets

Paul Thurlby

This vintage-look magnet set is perfect for word lovers and little kids. Word lovers can spell their favorite words (we’re fond of “delicious”), and the cute photos can help kids learn their A, B, Cs. Here’s to future generations of word lovers!

Alphabet Magnets by Paul Thurlby $16.95

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