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The Best Back To School Gadgets for Teens

September is here and chances are you’ll be stocking up on school supplies galore. But before you load up on that same ‘ole boring hole punch, consider these cool supplies that kids are sure to love. From a rainbow USB charger and even a skull that you can use to organize knick-knacks, teenagers are sure to love these great supplies.

5 in 1 Rainbow USB Charger

5 In 1 Rainbow USB Charger

Today’s teens are gadget lovers. The average teenager is bound to have an iPhone, iPod and maybe even a tablet. If you’re searching for a way to charge them all at once, this rainbow USB charger does the trick. Plug it into your computer and watch as the lightning bolt illuminates on five different devices. It’s just like magic.

5-in-1 Rainbow USB Charger by Streamline $12.95


Old School Desk Notepad

Old School Desk Notepads

Plain notes are a thing of the past. Trade up with these that are shaped like old school desks—where it’s one part instead of two—and don’t forget to pick up those pencils at the store. You’ll delight in finding these all over. Even if it’s just reminding you to do your math homework.

Old School Desk Notepad $6.95


PackIt Personal Cooler

packit personal coolerFor a compact and no frills lunch bag (teens are past the age where cartoon characters are OK), try this sleek black one. Even Ashley Olsen uses this to pack her sandwich.


Packit Personal Cooler $19.99


Astronaut USB Light

Astronaut USB Light

For a nifty light that you can hook up to your computer, try this astronaut USB light. It jus looks cool. This also makes a great nightlight.

Astronaut USB Light by Kikkerland $20


Skull Tidy

Tidy Skull

What teenager wouldn’t like a skull organizer? This macabre one is perfect for holding keys, headphones (get it?) or even spare change. Place this next to your X-Files poster. We want to believe too.

Skull Tidy by Suck UK $72.95

Bicycle LED Light Set

Bookman LED Bicycle Lights


Early morning bike rides call for a bike light so your teen can make his or her way through the morning fog. You’ll feel that your teen is being safe with these lights.

Bicycle LED Lights by Bookman $29


Happy Jackson Tidy Tunes Earphones Case

tidy tunes earphone case

Every teen will need a chic place to store their earphones. And this turquoise case will do just the trick. Wrap them up and throw this cute case in your backpack.

Tidy Tunes Earphones Case by Happy Jackson $11.95

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  1. mahekmithare
    September 10, 2015

    Omg. Omg. Omg.
    I love this.


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