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8 Back to School Must-Haves for College Students

College students are headed back to school and stocking up on much-needed items. And we’ve got just the items to make your collegiate experience easier. From Ramen-specific forks to cool highlighters, you’ll look forward to using these supplies when you head back to college.

Happy Jackson Pencil Case

Happy Jackson Orgy Pencil Case

If you’re tired of digging around in the depths of your school bag to find a writing implement, this pencil case is for you. It’s bright yellow, which it makes it easy to spot. We personally love the fun play on words on too. It’ll be sure to start a conversation anywhere you go.

Happy Jackson Pen Orgy Pencil Case $9.95



Vitapens Highlighters

These pill shaped vitapens are adorable highlighters that will make studying a breeze. Browse through your textbooks and ace that next test!

Vitapen Highlighters by Mustard UK $9.95


Back Pockets Mobile Phone Wallet

DCI Back Pocket Mobile Wallet

Next time you’re out of on the town and don’t want to drag your entire purse out, try these mobile phone wallets. Slide your essentials (like your ID and credit card) in the back and slip your phone inside. No need to worry about carrying around a huge bag everywhere.

Mobile Phone Wallet by DCi $6.95


Bicycle Cup Holder

Bicycle Cup Holder

If you ride your bike everywhere, you’ll love this bicycle cup holder. Simply attach it to your bicycle, slip your Starbucks inside and then ride on.

Bicycle Cup Holder by Bookman $39


Money Laundering Bag

Money Laundry Bag

Forget that plain ‘ol mesh laundry bag and trade it for this clever laundry bag that’s covered with the print of stacks of cash. No, there isn’t money inside. But you can joke about how you’re money laundering. Just not to the cops.

Money Laundering Bag by Gama-go $11.95


Go Clean Gym Gear

Go Clean Gym Gear

After a sweaty gym session, don’t put your stinky clothes inside your backpack. You don’t want your books to smell! Slip them inside this gym bag instead. It’s designed to hold sweaty odors. When you put your sweat-soaked duds inside here, you don’t have to worry about everyone else smelling your clothing. Sounds pretty great to us!

Flight 001 Go Clean Gym Bag $30


Traveler Toiletry Bag

Traveler Toiletry Bag Lay-n-Go

Plenty of college students spend the night at each other’s houses pretty regularly. Wink. Wink. To avoid having to hunt through whatever bag you brought for your toothpaste, contact lens fluid and deodorant, you can use this drawstring toiletry bag to keep all your items in one place. It’s compact and makes it easy to find everything.

Traveler Toiletry Bag by Lay N Go $22.95


Ramen Spoon + Fork 

Ramen Spoon Fork

Most college students down plenty of Ramen. And this ramen spork will give you the chance to experience the best of both Ramen world. Use the fork part to twirl the noodles and the spoon part to slurp the broth. Eat up!

Ramen spoon + Fork by MoMA $15

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