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Cool Gadgets For A Perfect Labor Day Party

Summer is (sadly) coming to a close. But don’t get too sad. That means you’ve got Labor Day parties to attend or throw! If you’ll be hosting your own BBQ to commemorate the past three months, we’ve got just the accessories you’ll need to make it a smashing success. From grills to spatulas, these accessories will make your party a big splash. Ha!

Drink Preservers

Since the biggest party foul of all is spilling a drink, this drink preserver is the perfect way to prevent that. Slip your drink into it, let it float beside you and relax poolside as you sip your pina colada. Cheers!

Drink Preserver $10.95

Condiment Gun

Ditch that boring old bottle of ketchup and use it to fill this condiment gun. It’s perfect for shooting your burgers and hot dogs with just the right amount of sauce. Enjoy!

Condiment Gun by Mustard UK $13.95

Burger Flipper

Plain spatulas are a thing of the past. But you’ll love this stainless steel burger shaped flipper that’s perfect for grilling. It will look great in your utensils drawer. We promise.

Burger Flipper by Gama-go $16.95

Grillput Portable Camping Grill

We love the sleek design of this portable compact grill. Set it up over a small fire and you have an instant grill! No more heavy, bulky grills to lug around, just a stainless steel lightweight bar that expands into a Grilliput Portable Camping Grill. This grill packs up as easy as it to set up!

Grillput Portable Camping Grill $24.95


After you’ve spent all day firing up the grill, you’ll need to clean it. And that can be a serious damper on the festivities. Don’t worry though. Just fire up this Grillbot and let it do the dirty work for you. The Grillbot includes three powerful brushes that regulate direction and speed of the cleaning process. Now all you need is a robot that will do the cooking! That would be a Labor Day miracle!

Grillbot $127.95


Happy Labor Day, everyone!

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