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Camping Gear For Your Next Outdoor Trip

As the summer winds down and we start getting into the cooler fall temps, you’ll probably want to head to the wilderness to enjoy it in all its splendor. Lucky for you, we’ve got just the goods to make it a great trip. From cooking supplies to cute flash lights, use these goods to really enjoy the wild!

Blackfire Camping Light


Blackfire Clamplight Lantern

What does every camper need in the dark? A flashlight, of course. This LED light functions as both a flashlight and a lantern. Pretend to be a pioneer with the lantern or a modern day explorer with the flashlight. As the saying goes, let there be light.

Blackfire Camping Light $39.99


Pak-Lite 9V LED Flashlight

Pak-Lite Battery Light

When you don’t have enough space to bring a big bulky flashlight on your trip, this Pak-Lite 9V Flashlight is just what you need. This clever contraption attaches to any nine volt battery and turns it into a long-lasting portable flashlight, with up to 50 hours of light with just one battery! Those who love to travel light will get a kick out of this weatherproof flashlight.

Pak-Lite 9V Flashlight $15.99


Stormproof Matches


Since the rain can quickly put a damper on most any camping trick, these waterproof matches will help keep things (literally) bright. Plus, you’ll look heroic when you light a fire in the pouring rain.

Stormproof Matches $8.95


Speaker Blanket

Speaker Blanket

Instead of carrying a huge boom box with you to get some tunes to your happening camping site, carry this speaker blanket. You’ll need a blanket anyway. And music just makes everything better. Now, cue the Britney.

Speaker Blanket by Spinning Hat $35.95


Esbit 5 Piece Trekking Cook Set

Esbit 5 Piece Camping Cooking Set

Since you can’t haul your kitchen stove out in the wild and plug it in, this portable five-piece cooking set is the next best thing. This features two pots, a burner, a stand and a carrying bag. Now you just have to cook everything. Dinner’s served!

Esbit 5 Piece Camping Cook Set $41.95


Outdoor MealKit

Outdoor Meal Kit

After you cook up your next meal, you’ll need to eat it on something. And we’ve got just the set. It’s plastic, comes in cute colors and even floats! It comes with a plate, a bowl, a cutting board, a colander, a spork and a spill-proof cup so you can enjoy your next gourmet meal. Bon appétit!

Outdoor MealKit $19.95

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