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Gifts to Celebrate National Dog Day

Our furry friends give us a lot. Unconditional love. Excitement whenever we get back home. Slobbery kisses. And today, our dogs get their very own holiday. If you’re looking to celebrate your beloved pooch, these gifts will do the trick. From toys to door mats, you’ll love these items that are perfect for the furry friend in your life. Here’s to the dogs!

Mini Humunga Dog Toy

Mini Humunga Dog Toy

Instead of throwing your dog a bone, how about tossing them a mustache or tongue? These adorably cute toys will make for great photo opps and perfect chew toys too.

Mini Humunga Dog Toy $10.95

Perfect Dog Cookie Cutter 

Perfect Dog Cookie Cutter

Want to show your dog how much you appreciate him or her? Then why not bake them some healthy homemade treats?This perfect dog  cookie cutter will help you get the perfect shape that your pooch will love and check out some great cookie recipes for dogs that are healthy and delicious!

Perfect Dog Cookie Cutter $6.95

Plush Giant Clam Toy

Plush Toy Giant Clam

This big clam toy is a dog toy for the ages. It’s so cute! And it squeaks! Your dog will love it as much as you do. Plus, Fluffy will look beautiful with a clam in her mouth!

Plush Giant Clam Toy $9.95

Cone of Shame Keyring

Cone of Shame Keyring

If your dog has ever had to wear a cone, you’ll love this adorable Cone of Shame keyring. It’s just big enough so it’s easy to find in your purse. It also lights up so it will help you find other objects too. But only your dog could be the one true light in your life!

Dog Toilet Roll Container

Dog Toilet Roll Holder

We’re big fans of anything that gives us a chuckle, and this dog toiler paper holder does just that. Grab your next section of toiler paper from the dog’s butt (it’s clean. We promise.), and use it for its intended purpose. We love the inherent humor in this one.

Dog Toilet Roll Holder $23.95

Dachshund Door Mat

Dachshund Door Mat

Yes, this doormat has the word wiener on it. Get your giggles out now. Like we said, we love gifts that makes us laugh as much as ones with rhyming words. If you own a dachshund, this mat will be perfect. Place it over some grass and make the phrase true. He. He.

Dachshund Door Mat $19.95

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