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Summer Décor to Brighten Your Home and Office

We’ve got a good amount of summer fun left, and we’d suggest soaking up as much as you can of those sweet sunrays. But just because summer will be gone soon, that doesn’t mean you can’t savor the hottest season year round. This office and home décor will help remind you of sipping cocktails on the beach and road tripping across the country. Here’s to an endless summer!

Sealife Dinner Plate Set

Sealife Dinner Plate Set by Thomas Paul

If you’ll be headed to the summer beach home this summer or just wish you were at the beach, these plates featuring sea life creatures can help create the perfect summer dining atmosphere. Tear into the crab on the blue crab plate. Or enjoy some lobster on the red plate. You get the idea. Either way, eat up!

Sealife Dinner Plate Set by Thomas Paul $44.00


Folklore Tumbler Set

Folklore Tumbler Set

These four tumblers will remind the drinker of each season, but the bright yellow glass featuring a sun is our favorite. It just feels cheery. You can use all of them at once or just keep the summer one out during the warm weather months.

Folklore Tumbler Set by Wild & Wolf $39.95


Solar Glass Tea Lantern

Allsop Glass Tea Lantern

Don’t you just love these gently lit solar lamps? Keep them outside and let them harness the power of the sun. They’ll look like the soft glow from fireflies. Isn’t that sweet?

Solar Glass Tea Lantern Set by Allsop $24.99

Brushed Nickel Wallflutter

Umbra Wallflutter Dragonfly Decor

Sometimes you just need to fill your home with something beautiful. These nickel dragonflies always make us think of taking flight during the summer. Imagine you’re jetting off to your next destination every time you look at the wall. Or just admire them in your home.

Wallflutter Dragonfly Wall Decor by Umbra $20.00

Grassy Organizer

Umbra Grassy Organizer

OK, we know you probably how hate how much your grass grows during the summertime. Mowing is annoying. But you will love these cute grassy organizers. Store tooth brushes, pens or even bills in here. As an added bonus, the elevated base will keep your counter free of water.

Grassy Organizer by Umbra $12.95


Sunny Side Up Umbrella

Sunny Side Up Umbrella

Who says it has to be raining for you to use an umbrella? Not us! Pop this open—it has an adorable looking sun on top—to shield yourself from the sun or keep the rain off your face.

Sunny Side Up Umbrella by Art Lebedev $32.95

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