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Fun Clocks To Help Keep Time

Call us bias, but we think every home needs a clock. And if you need one, you might as well get one that’s adorable. And we’ve got just the selection. From an industrial looking one to another that resembles ribbons, these picks are sure to wow. What are waiting for? Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Hear that? It’s the sound of your new, cool clock!

Numbra Wall Clock


If you’re searching for a statement clock, this Numbra Wall Clock will do the trick. These large numbers are perfect as wall décor. We have a feeling that Martha Stewart would approve.

Numbra Wall Clock by Umbra $40.00


Big Wheel Hour Wall Clock

Kikkerland Big Wheel Wall Clock

This super-hip, industrial clock manages to look impossibly cool. Every indie coffee shop would proudly display this if they had it. You better stock up before the hipsters catch on to this one.

Big Wheel  Hour Wall Clock by Kikkerland $100.00


Spraycan Projection Clock

Spraycan Projection Clock

Kids and adults alike will get a real kick out of this cool clock. Shaped like a spray paint can, you simply press the button and watch as the time is illuminated on the wall. It’s like magic.

Spray Can Projection Clock by Gama-Go $19.95


Pixel Time Clock 

Pixel Wall Clock

Vintage enthusiasts or just people who love to play old school games like Pac-Man will appreciate this pixel clock. It’s designed to appear pixelated and would blend in well with most design studios. Plus, it’s just cool to look at.

Pixel Time Clock by Mustard UK $28.95


Ribbon Wall Clock

If you’re searching for a clock to give as a gift, let it be this “ribbon” one. It’s made out of steel and resembles a ribbon bow. No need to wrap it. Just gift as is.

Ribbon Wall Clock by Umbra $39.95


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